Back2Business? Back to work, safe and sound!

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Starting on 4 May, so-called non-essential enterprises will be allowed to resume or continue their activities. Upon resumption of the activities, it is of the utmost importance for all enterprises to provide a healthy and safe working environment for all their employees.


A guide containing practical guidelines, issued by the FPS Employment, will help you minimise any risk of spread of the corona virus in your company’s workplaces. Below is an overview of the main tips:


  • Ensure that it is possible to respect the distance of 1.5 metres in the workplace. Rearrange workstations if necessary and provide markings, tape or physical barriers to make safe circulation possible in all company buildings.
  • Spreading your employees is an efficient way to make social distancing possible. Also consider continuing telework and the use of remote means of communication whenever your employees’ positions permit, or spread the working times and breaks of your employees. Make clear arrangements, e.g. by drawing up a company policy or changing the work rules.
  • Ensure strict hygiene in the workplaces by providing the necessary means to wash hands (dispensers with liquid soap and disinfectant gel) and by cleaning the workplaces regularly, in particular objects that are frequently touched. Make sure that everyone respects the hygiene measures.
  • Provide collective protective equipment (e.g. plexiglass screens in places where employees come into contact with visitors), combined with personal protective equipment (e.g. gloves) where necessary. In situations where it is not possible to respect the distance of 1.5 metre, wearing a face mask may provide protection.
  • For a risk analysis and a customised action plan, it may be a good idea to ask experts for advice (your prevention advisor, your external service for prevention and protection at work). For this advice you can receive financial support from the Flemish subsidy budget for SMEs.
  • Clearly communicate about the measures your enterprise will be taking, not only to your employees but also to visitors (customers, suppliers,…) and ensure that these measures are complied with.


The “generic guide” containing guidelines for a safe workplace can also be consulted or downloaded from the site of the PFS Employment.


If you would like to incorporate legally binding provisions for your staff relating to safe work, telework or other preventive measures into a policy or the work rules of your enterprise, you can consult the experts of our team specialised in social law. You can contact us for all questions via:  It is also possible to request financial support from the Flemish subsidy budget for SMEs for our advisory services.