Carry-back scheme for tax losses due to Corona

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The federal level is considering supporting affected companies and self-employed people by introducing a 'carry-back scheme' for tax losses accumulated because of the coronavirus.


This carry-back scheme would make it possible to offset the tax losses suffered this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic against profits already taxed in 2019. In this way, companies would be able to recover part of their 2019 advance payments.


In addition, over the next three years, companies would accrue a so-called “reconstruction reserve” equal to the losses they incur in 2020. The money used to restore their equity would then be deducted from the company's profits for 2020 and the coming years. As a result, lower taxes would be paid in the shorter term.


However, the final legal texts still have to be adopted and there is no clear definition yet of the conditions linked to this carry-back scheme. As soon as we learn more, you can of course find out via our Titeca channels.


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