Titeca: 100% at your service!

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In these turbulent times Titeca Accountancy is extra concerned about the well-being of our employees and customers-entrepreneurs. We conscientiously apply all recommendations of the FPS Public Health against the spread of the coronavirus. 


The stricter measures that have taken effect this afternoon in Belgium have been applied as the general standard in all offices of Titeca Accountancy since last Monday: 


  • All digital tools have been made operational so as to ensure that our colleagues can work at home.
  • In addition, we offer a standby service in our offices from Monday through Friday, by a very limited number of our employees, and the rules of social distancing will at all times be respected.   

We will remain at your service via the usual telephone number and/or via e-mail


Finally, we hope that all our customer-entrepreneurs, their employees, relatives and friends will remain in good health. 


Keep safe. Keep distance, but stay in touch. Let's get digital!