Update on government aid with regard to temporary unemployment

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Due to the current situation the federal government decided last Friday afternoon the drastically simplify the temporary unemployment of employees as a result of the corona crisis.  

There is now one single system of temporary unemployment on account of force majeure for all your employees who are or have become temporarily unemployed as a result of the spread of the coronavirus. No distinction is made anymore between enterprises for which it is impossible to have their employees work due to the restrictive measures (force majeure in the strictest sense of the word) and enterprises that have not enough work (economic reasons), nor between white-collar workers and white-collar workers. 

This more flexible arrangement is applicable with retroactive effect from 13 March 2020 (i.e. also for the requests for temporary unemployment for economic reasons already submitted by your enterprise!) and will continue to apply until 30 June 2020. 


A brief explanation of the arrangement is given below: 


1. What do you still need to do as an employer? 

You need not present an electronic request for temporary unemployment to the National Employment Office. You only have to make sure to inform your payroll administration agency, at the end of each month and for each of your employees, of the period or days of temporary unemployment, with the correct payroll code for temporary unemployment, together with statement of the hours worked during that month. On the basis of these data, your payroll administration agency will made the required electronic declarations to the authorities. 


Depending on the impact of the Corona crisis and the government measures on your enterprise, you can determine and communicate yourself whether you will make your employees (the entire enterprise or certain divisions or categories of employees, to be determined by you) temporarily unemployed on a full-time basis or on a part-time basis (in which case they will work one or several days per week, for which you pay their salary) during the period determined by you (as from today at least until 5 April). 



2. What do our employees have to do? 
You have to inform every employee who will become temporarily unemployed of the fact that they have to request their unemployment benefits with the Hulpkas voor Werkloosheidsuitkeringen or with their trade union (for employees who are affiliated with a trade union) by means of the C3.2 Employee - Corona form, which they can obtain from these respective services.  
During the period of temporary unemployment, employees need not complete an inspection document (C3.2.A). 



3. What will a temporarily unemployed employee receive? 

The employees will receive an unemployment benefit equalling 70% of their capped gross monthly salary (up to € 2,754.76). After deduction of the wage tax of 26.75%, this means an unemployment benefit of maximally € 1,412.5 euro net for a full month of unemployment. Note: for the time being, every employee who is temporarily unemployed on a full-time basis will receive a benefit of € 1,450 (this will afterwards be corrected by the National Employment Office on the basis of the exact amount to which the employee is entitled depending on the duration of their unemployment). 


In addition, the employee will receive a supplement from the National Employment office, equalling € 5.63 for each day of temporary unemployment. Note:  exceptionally, your enterprise may have to pay an extra supplement as a result of an existing CLA of your Joint Committee (you are advised to check this with your payroll administration agency). 


In addition, all temporarily unemployed employees will automatically (without having to submit a request), a non-recurring benefit of € 202.68 from the Flemish Government to cover their energy bill (water/electricity/heating). 


If you need help or advice in order to benefit from one of the above measures, we will gladly assist you.  You can contact us by phone at 051 26 82 68  or by sending an e-mail to info@titeca.be.