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Entrepreneurship starts with a dream. Starting a business, being your own boss, sharing your services or product with the world. But how do you get started in concrete terms?.

The practical side of entrepreneurship is quite time consuming. Everything is new and there are many things to figure out. This is where Titeca comes into the picture. We relieve you by taking the administrative side of things off your hands. This way you have more time to focus on launching your young business.

In addition, through our significant network also put you in touch with fellow entrepreneurs, future clients and other players in the market. A network is worth its weight in gold, so we are happy to help you with this as well. Titeca belongs to the large of the small offices and the small of the large offices. This allows us to offer you, our client, the same knowledge, organization and resources as larger accountancy groups and allows us to retain our family and personal character.

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We have a diverse expert team that works with startups from all possible industries. Whether you want to start a hospitality business or an online shop, we can assist you with advice specific to your industry. For more than 30 years, Titeca has specialized in assisting all types of businesses. We are happy to use this experience to make your startup a success as well. Think of us as an external business partner that you bring on board to bring extra insight and grow.

As a start-up, you're naturally wondering if the help of an accountant will take a big bite out of your budget. That always depends on how much time we need for your file and what we can help you with. Of course, we think cost-effectively with you. Thanks to further digitalization, we can also greatly optimize our working hours and guarantee very competitive prices. Above all, remember that we are always at your service for any question.

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A pro by your side at every stage of entrepreneurship!

For every question or challenge you face as an entrepreneur, there is a Titeca pro accountant or expert by your side, who with the right knowledge and experience and proactive, professional and productive attitude, can offer a tailored solution.

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