Online accounting? A piece of cake with James!

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Accounting is a means of entrepreneurship, but not a target in itself! Administrative obligations and tax optimisation always remain important… Since the arrival of Covid-19 online entrepreneurship has gained momentum. 


Titeca has been focusing on digitisation for years. An intensive cooperation between our accountancy and in-house IT experts has led to major innovations as regards software.  It would be our pleasure to share the skills and advantages of digital entrepreneurship with you!


In addition to the Titeca account manager, who optimises your file and makes the required adjustments, you will from now on have an extra personal assistant,  who will be at your disposal 24/7 and will digitally map your records!



Meet James, your personal butler at Titeca!



James is an online accounting platform, accessible with your own login.






The advantages handed to you on a platter:


For a correct assessment of your financial needs, it’s of the utmost importance to have a clear view of your operating results.  Entrepreneurs whose accounts are up to date and who have clear reports based on accurate information are able to react adequately to continuously changing situations.


  1. Together with James you can organise your records digitally and easily upload your documents.
  1. All your important documents and invoices can be found at one location that you can access with your computer, smartphone or tablet.
  1. In addition, James gives you an on-time overview of your figures on an interactive platter.  Simple and easily understandable reports give you an insight into the results of your enterprise. 

This will enable you and your Titeca account manager to monitor the financial situation of your enterprise 24/7 and improve the management of your business!



For whom?


This user-friendly platform is a big help for small and medium-sized enterprises that do not have an in-house accountant.  The Titeca account manager will help you organise your records digitally.  Even larger enterprises will not want to do without the many services James provides.




James is free of charge for Titeca clients!


Titeca offers solutions with an added value!  That’s why access to this portal, including all personal services provided by James, is offered exclusively and free of charge to all Titeca clients.






Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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