Bauke, rhythmical and ambitious

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Boogie move, move, move…


Bauke could dance before she could walk and has danced as long as she can remember. As a toddler, she attended ballet and gymnastics classes. When she was older, she also took modern dance and hip hop lessons. She trained six to eight hours a week. Bauke is all about dancing and she beams when she talks about her passion:  "I have danced at Polydans in Kortrijk since 2004 (contemporary dance, classical ballet and hip hop) and have been giving my own dancing classes there on Friday evening for five years now. On Monday evening I teach dance at Ariadne-Eureka in Anzegem."

"Titeca feels like coming home to me; the atmosphere is really great. Titeca has a flat structure with a focus on knowledge exchange."


Strike a pose
Bauke has also been a semi-professional dancer in the productions of 'Passerelle', an association that bridges the gap between the amateur dancing network and the professional dancing network. She has danced in projects with choreographers such as Bérengère Bodin (Les Ballets C de la B) and Alexander Vantournhout.
Creative decathlete
Bauke is a sporty, busy person. The daughter of 2 physical therapists, she pays close attention to her body. Even when studying Commercial Sciences, she gave priority to her dancing lessons on Fridays; fortunately, she could rely on the notes of fellow students to keep up with her studies.

Once a year, her schedule gets even more hectic as she comes up with her own choreographies for the family performances of Polydans and Ariadne-Eureka in the Kortrijk Theatre.

Bauke is also creative in other fields; for example, she took drawing classes in Harelbeke for 12 years. She no longer practises it, but still has the skills at her fingertips.
Inquisitive go-getter
"Studying Commercial Sciences at Ghent University was a deliberate choice. It is a broad course of studies that offers you some freedom of career choice. You improve both your linguistic and your mathematical skills... a programme for decathletes," she smiles.

She became acquainted with Titeca during a seminar and had an instant click with Sylvie, Fabian and Charlotte. Charlotte is nowadays her team leader and mentor at Titeca. Her ambition? She hopes to follow in Charlotte's footsteps. She likes to share her expertise with new colleagues at work; she is really fond of coaching and teaching. And she walks the talk; she has obtained a degree in 'Applied Taxation' and will shortly participate in an entrance exam for a three-year traineeship with the IAB in order to become an IAB certified tax consultant.
From paper collection to more advice
"People never stop to think about it, but this is a profession with a lot of deadlines: quarterly returns, financial statements etc." The team spirit is great and we can count on each other when we need an extra helping hand. As an entrepreneurial partner, Titeca is increasingly evolving towards advising entrepreneurs through intensive digitisation of the accounts.  
Personal life
Bauke and her partner are making a home for themselves in Kuurne, only a short distance away from where she grew up in Harelbeke. She also likes to travel in her free time, but her first priority is teaching. Bauke, on the move…

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