Crea, engaging in diverse business activities


Printing company


Hooglede, Belgium

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Benedict Cosaert is the owner of Crea NV, a public limited company under Belgian law with over 30 years of specialist experience in printing on plastics.


Crea produces POS materials for retail companies such as supermarkets and also focuses on the production of labels.



From all-round to wrap-around


Benedict is 44 years old and started in his father's company at the machines, but soon moved to sales, initially only in Belgium but later also abroad.  He greedily attended several of the best sales trainings.

In 2005, he became responsible for the general management of Crea. A fourth-generation family member, he has accelerated the development of the company of his predecessors from 2011 onwards. He has furthermore focused on three new niche markets, namely wrap-around labels, plant labels and in-mould labels.

Thanks to the establishment of sister company Cosapack, he now offers a wide range of possibilities for printing on flexible packaging materials such as wrap-around labels and shrink sleeves adopting the shape of bottles.

Crea IML produces in-mould labels, which are very thin labels that are moulded onto packaging materials such as ice cream containers.


Last but not least, Crea Green manufactures plant labels for customers in the green industry throughout Europe.

Our relationship of trust with Titeca is precious.


From local to national and beyond


The company dates back to 1918 shortly after the First World War. His great-grandfather printed birth and death announcement cards. He was also a verger, which put him close to demand.

His grandfather added commercial printing jobs as well as a small stationery shop to the business. His father took over the business and started with the production of brochures, folders etc.  


The company became one of the first printing businesses with its own design department. The idea of printing on plastics, which constitutes Crea's core business today, originated in Germany.


Benedict now works together with 66 staff members; the offices are located in Roeselare and production takes place in the new corporate buildings in Gits.


Titeca assisted Benedict with the purchase of these new corporate buildings and with the acquisition of strategic transformation support (grants).

"I go for it, I do business!"


Benedict is a flexible, all-round multi-entrepreneur with a broad vision who keeps on investing but is capable of letting go when it is necessary. "We need to jump on the bandwagon, that's what doing business is all about!" He clearly enjoys doing business. He learned to 'dream big' pretty fast. In short, he is a very knowledgeable doer who is not afraid of taking risks and seeks the support of strong advisors where needed.


Benedict was a very social youngster who got to know Emmanuel Titeca during his time in the KSA youth movement.  When taking over the business, he decisively opted for personalised advice. He greatly appreciates the collaboration with Titeca in addressing varied entrepreneurial challenges. They share a strong personal connection and sense of trust. 



The drive?


What drives him, fuels him, inspires him? He travelled to China and Silicon Valley all on his own and books an inspirational trip every year to keep a finger on the pulse. He learns from his customers on a daily basis, examines their challenges and helps them sell even better.  His best piece of advice for other entrepreneurs? "Come out of your shell, get out there".



And in his free time?


He spends his free time driving a classic car, sitting at a table with friends or reading one of the four newspapers he buys every weekend. He also looks forward to coaching his children in their future entrepreneurial dreams. Doing business, for life...

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