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No is not an option! In this spirit, our Titeca Accountancy experts engage in a dialogue with and provide entrepreneurial assistance to our clients on a daily basis.


Proud of our many clients who have not given up, we gladly give a voice to Titeca’s entrepreneurial heroes, because it is essential we keep on going even when the going gets tough!

How are you doing?


It’s a question we asked our client Nicolas Vanden Avenne, manager of Ocular from Zwevezele, a technology company active in the creation of digital experiences.


 “Very well, thank you. We are busy developing a new product that we will market soon (at the end of August).  It’s all very exciting. Everyone here is very dedicated to this project and we are really looking forward to its launch.”

What effect did the lockdown have on your business?


 “A year ago our computer system was hacked.  That’s why we decided to put all our software in the cloud.  As a result, we had no problems at all switching to telework at the start of the lockdown.


As regards business strategy, we resolved early on to stagger the work for the orders that were still in the pipeline until the summer holiday.   This way we were able to limit temporary unemployment for our people to a minimum.”



Which opportunities did you see for Ocular?


 “We develop all kinds of applications in the field of interaction technology and context-conscious software for museums, visitors' centres, commercial facilities, exhibition stands and training centers.  



Because of the corona crisis, our customers were suddenly faced with a new challenge: how to guarantee social distancing in their business. Our developers found a way to combine the technology we already had - a camera, a mobile TV screen and the relevant electronics - into a single user-friendly tool: “the interactive visitors counter”  A quick win that immediately proved its use to our customers.  The success of this user-friendly tool also opened the doors to other countries, like the Netherlands, Croatia and Germany.”




Plans for a digital future?


 “Ever since the start of the pandemic, the combination of a physical point of sale, like a shop, a showroom or an exhibition stand, and a digital channel has become increasingly important.  Video-conferencing has been accepted as an alternative to physical visits to customers, allowing companies to save valuable time.


Anticipating on this shift, Ocular has developed new software that will enable businesses to take their customers on a virtual tour of the showroom/exhibition stand.  It’s our intention to create an optimal experience for customers through an integration of the real and the online world.  This will add a link to the sales process to complement the physical sales pitch.


The concept of virtualisation of the showroom had been in the “creative ideas box” of Ocular for quite some time.  As a result of the massive cancellation of trade fairs and networking events, the opportunity to actually do something with this idea suddenly presented itself.  


I’m convinced that the acceleration of the digitalisation process we are currently forced to experience will continue in the future."

What tip would you give to entrepreneurs?


 “In the current economic situation, it’s essential to be flexible and continuously adjust to the new business reality.  Resilience is a crucial quality if you want to survive as an entrepreneur.  The biggest challenges are the ones that allow us to realise growth, and that's something we're proud of."

Every challenge creates a new opportunity!

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