Titeca, service with flair, by and for entrepreneurs

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All action and no talk  


“Titeca Accountancy is an accounting firm composed of doers, not talkers,” says managing partner Emmanuel Titeca in a no-nonsense style. "We think about and contribute to the future of our clients in a creative manner. We live and work in a close relationship with entrepreneurs, side by side.  Titeca Accountancy is a full-service, progressive accounting firm with ten branch offices and 200 employees in the provinces of West Flanders, East Flanders and Hainaut. Local presence, tailored service and a close relationship with the client are at the top of our priority list."


Excellence at your doorstep 


“We aim at a close relationship with our clients that goes way beyond obligatory administration and accounting. Exactly. Accounting is a means of entrepreneurship, but not a target in itself," says partner Fabian Missinne. "We are entrepreneurs ourselves and invest a lot in expertise. We have a perfect understanding of the many problems faced by our clients. The Titeca account managers are conversation and sparring partners who remove worries, provide advice and boost the motivation of entrepreneurs. Our mission is to offer solutions with added value at an affordable price."

“We attach great importance to your future as an entrepreneur and to the future of your business.”


From 1987 to 2017, a success story


Titeca was founded in Roeselare by Henri Titeca in 1987. As some of our customers crossed the language barrier in search of more space, we started a branch office in Mouscron in 1997. This was followed by a period of internal growth, new collaborations and takeovers. You can currently rely on the services of a Titeca accountant at 10 locations. Titeca Accountancy boasts branch offices in Roeselare, Mouscron, Merelbeke, Bruges, Knokke, Ghent, Ypres, Waregem, Maldegem and Kortrijk.


Titeca Accountancy is nowadays a partnership of 9 entrepreneurs. Emmanuel and Fabian were joined by Philiep Blomme, Frank Vercruysse, Els Decru, Marc De Moor, Bram Cornelis, Jurka Vanthournout and Alex Soete, as partners. This valuable knowledge sharing ensures that Titeca does not depend on only one or two key figures. 


Four fierce reasons to partner with Titeca Accountancy


1. “No is not an option!” 
“Every day I see entrepreneurs struggling with a number of complex problems,” says Emmanuel. "Just like in healthcare, Titeca Accountancy boasts a large number of specialists who we call in to address challenging problems together with our clients. These are the staff members of Titeca's SPE (Special Projects Entity) department.


This department consists of specialist staff members who provide services to all branch offices. Titeca clients can always rely on this additional expertise in various fields, including legal advice, financial and tax optimisation, subsidies and strategic advice."


2. Personalised advice tailored to your needs     
Titeca Accountancy is not a standard accounting firm that only juggles with figures. We attach great importance to your future as an entrepreneur and to the future of your business.


Each client has one point of contact, one account manager who promotes the interests of our clients. We are an all-round accounting firm. The Titeca clientele consists of a mix of one-man businesses, SMEs and large companies in different industries, including manufacturing, service, catering, retail and wholesale, construction and liberal professions. Our teams of accountants offer added value as a partner who specialises in your industry."


3. Knowledge is (entrepreneurial) power        
“Don't be mistaken, accounting and administrative obligations remain important, but thanks to automation, the service provided by our accountants is gradually evolving towards the presentation of solutions. This means that the provision of advice is becoming increasingly important, which is why we invest permanently in the training of all Titeca Accountancy staff members."


4. Surprisingly different, far beyond the figures     
“Expect more, far beyond the typical conversations about only numbers at the end of each financial year. We think about and contribute to the future of our clients. We do business together starting from our clients' point of view. The Titeca accountants go for it with a smile on their face. We strive for a good relationship. Doing business should be fun, the result of an inspiring and energetic dialogue."


Entrepreneurial sounding board


What do you think? You are without any doubt an entrepreneur who takes action rather than waiting for something to happen. Looking for an accountant and conversation partner in the region of Roeselare, Mouscron, Merelbeke, Bruges, Knokke, Ghent, Ypres, Waregem, Maldegem or Kortrijk? Doing business is in our blood. We'd be happy to partner with you. Titeca Accountancy is your local entrepreneurial sounding board. Use it.  Make an informal appointment or pay us a visit. 

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