Supercolor, proactive and fast innovation around new needs

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No is not an option!  In this spirit, our Titeca Accountancy experts engage in a dialogue with and provide entrepreneurial assistance to our clients on a daily basis.


Proud of our many clients who have not given up, we gladly give a voice to Titeca’s entrepreneurial heroes, because it is essential we keep on going even when the going gets tough!

How are you doing?


We asked this question to our entrepreneurial client Michel Verheughe, manager of Supercolor, a digital printing company located in Merelbeke. 

 “Contrary to my expectations, we are going at full speed and are busier than ever.  We have been fortunate enough to correctly assess the seriousness of this crisis from the very start.  Even before the lockdown, we got together with all members of the management, staff and a few good customers to brainstorm about how we, an event industry supplier, could avoid a long-term production shutdown.” 

What effect did the lockdown have on your business?


“Strong visual communication has been Supercolor’s core business for 25 years. In the beginning, we frequently received orders for signage within the scope of the new safety measures.  As a result, our production has hardly been affected.


Between 15 March and 15 April, we only carried out 5% of the type of work we used to do before the crisis, as 95% of our production was event-related in that period … Nevertheless, our turnover increased significantly compared to the same period last year.”



What’s the Plan B for Supercolor?


“The coronavirus outbreak exponentially increased the global demand for all sorts of safety supplies and protective equipment. 


With our available machinery and know-how, we have all technical resources at our disposal for the production of floor signage, acrylic screens, partitions, hand sanitizer dispensers, face masks, etc.  


For the logistical organisation to install our products with our customers, we rely on over 100 experienced staff members of the Panama Group.  They are among the major players in the event industry and have been a customer of Supercolor for many years. 


On the basis of our shared expertise and complementarity, we have developed a partnership under the name 'Re-Cover' with a dedicated website and separate branding.”







How do you make a difference?


“It’s our mission to offer efficient, ad-hoc and sustainable solutions so as to provide every organisation with a safe workplace.  Creativity and reactivity are our two main assets to help entrepreneurs reopen their business successfully. 


Thanks to our existing network of customers, we have been able to make all bank branches of BNP Paribas Fortis, KBC, etc. safe from day one. 


The pharmacy sector was also under pressure to quickly take the necessary measures.  Fortunately, we have managed to provide our services to individual pharmacies throughout Belgium via their professional umbrella organisation.  We now also inform all bars and restaurants via Unilever and hairdressing salons via L'Oréal.”

A positive outlook on the future?


“It’s fascinating to continuously invent and create new prototypes tailored to the needs of companies which we can help make progress with Re-Cover.  However, we have to remain realistic: this is a temporary situation.


By the end of July, most companies will be fully operational again.  In the meantime, we can look forward at Supercolor to the resumption of normal activities both in the retail sector and, to a lesser extent, in the event sector, so we  can relaunch our core activities after the summer.  We have drawn lessons from the current crisis, but we won’t share them yet!”

"It is crucial to innovate proactively and quickly on the basis of new needs!"

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