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No is not an option!  In this spirit, our Titeca Accountancy experts engage in a dialogue with and provide entrepreneurial assistance to our clients on a daily basis.


Proud of our many clients who have not given up, we gladly give a voice to Titeca’s entrepreneurial heroes, because it is essential we keep on going even when the going gets tough!

How are you doing?


We asked this question to our entrepreneurial client Nadja Desmet. In 2016, she founded, which was awarded the title of Most Promising West Flemish SME of 2018 by the Flemish Organisation for Self-Employed and SMEs UNIZO.


“Personally I’m fine, I’m (still) in good health.  Businesswise, these are exciting times! Since the beginning of the lockdown, we’ve seen a huge boost in the use of social media.  Much more so than before, the ‘online hangout’ as I call social media has become the place to be for meeting people and exchanging information, also in the professional realm.  Initially, it looked as though we at Sociale Media Buro had everything it took to benefit from the success of this form of online communication.”

"You are what you share! Social media mainly works for an organization that has confidence in its own employees"


Is working from home becoming the new normal?


 “For a lot of companies, it initially took a great deal of organisation to prepare the IT infrastructure for telework. Not so for Sociale Media Buro.  All our operations are cloud-based and right from the start we have worked from home and as ‘digital nomads’ in different workplaces.  


Thanks to our growth, we have been able to expand our range of services with video recordings and live broadcasts.  Two years ago, we moved into a sound-proof studio with Internet cabling.  This space is also ideal for clients who want to follow a training course as a team.


Flexibility is key and telework will always be one of our options.”


What effect did the lockdown have on your business?


 “Since the launch in 2019 of ‘Someflex’, an online learning platform with an unlimited range of training courses about all aspects of social media, we have been perfectly positioned to assist entrepreneurs quickly and efficiently with the implementation of these tools in communications with their customers.


In our enthusiasm, we wanted to provide as many entrepreneurs as possible with the advantages of our services.  That’s why we offered numerous free webinars in the first 4 weeks of the lockdown.  As a result, our number of unique followers skyrocketed!  


Bearing in mind that people decide more quickly if there is a sense of urgency, we are now offering a 3-month Someflex membership as a temporary coronavirus action.  It turned out to be a huge success!


In addition, we have listened carefully to the needs of our clients and expanded our range of services with short webinars about topics that are currently more in demand such as livestream and video presentations. We will soon introduce an expansion about the latest app, TikTok.

What tip would you give to entrepreneurs?


 “It is clear that, while social media used to be classified in the realm of entertainment, they now occupy an essential place when it comes to business communication. A gigantic online shift is taking place in the way we do business.  


Nowadays, the question is no longer whether or not you’re a believer in the power of social media.  That’s why it is crucially important to focus on online branding and not decrease the budgets for relevant training courses.  Don't miss out!  Turn your employees into online ambassadors for your company and benefit, without any cost, from the wide reach of the social networks of each one of them.”

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