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LDK Woodworks: Titeca is the college for me that I never attended.

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LDK Woodworks: Titeca is the college for me that I never attended.




The story of Louis De Keyser (24) reads like a true American Dream. Went to school until he was fourteen, middle-aged at sixteen, but in the meantime already has his own office in Rotterdam and New York. Gratefully he looks at the professional cooperation with Titeca pro accountants & experts.

"Joinery is in my genes. I've been carpentering since I was nine. First there was the chicken coop, not soon after the garden house. It's a passion that never lets go of me." Speaking is Louis De Keyser, founder of LDK Woodworks and Tiny Houses Belgium, operating out of Brussels, but with two firm legs in Rotterdam and New York in the meantime.

Timber construction in an innovative and very sustainable way

"In fact, through BIM we pay so much attention to drawing out the technical plans in minute detail that their effective production by wood processing companies goes incredibly smoothly. This enables us to construct timber-frame houses in a very short time. The system offers advantages on all sides: we no longer encounter any unpleasant surprises en cours de route, the wood processing companies can manufacture without worry and the customer experiences no delays. This operating model is catching on; we are now rolling it out across Europe and into the States."

So things are going well for Louis. According to Brecht, one of the professionals at Titeca who are mentoring him, it has a lot to do with his character. "Louis is a visionary. He possesses a certain helicopter view that allows him to look over the entire sector and see the weak spots in it. And then to pitch his own way of working with a great deal of pride and enthusiasm," says Brecht. #enthousiasmeeling

Source: LDK WoodWorks

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"Titeca is the college I never followed. It is more than an accountant. With their professional knowledge, they make me a professional entrepreneur."

Titeca likes the role as a sounding board

"We admire Louis' drive. The only thing is that he often runs into the wall. Louis only sees opportunities, while others sometimes only see risks. Then it's frustrating for him that things don't progress fast enough. It's up to us then to set out the structure, determine the next goal step by step and then act on it. #realizing dreams


A special productive cooperation

Louis agrees, too. "I am a joiner with ideas, not an accounting and financial miracle. For that I count on the people of Titeca, who are very complementary to me. And I must say: in the meantime they have become more than expert advisors. For me, Geert and Brecht are my confidants, my sounding board. I can test my options with them, pitch good and less good ideas, map out my growth path and relax in all my enthusiasm. I was not a good student; the school system did not suit me. So I never got that baggage either. Titeca is the college I never followed. It's more than an accountant. With their professional knowledge they make me a professional entrepreneur." 1TP4Making an impact

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"Our job is to make sure Louis can focus on what he's good at."

Customer Service Manager Brecht

"It was different once. My former accountant didn't realize how fast I was growing. He didn't see the bigger picture. I remember very well my first meeting with the team at Titeca. Geert spent an hour asking the questions that my previous accountant had never asked. That's when the realization quickly dawned: tense, it can be done differently."

A lubricated tandem

"We noticed that Louis was stuck when we first met him. Louis wants to create, develop new things. He's super innovative, but it also has to be budget-friendly. That's our job: to make sure Louis can focus on what he's good at. We will unburden him by taking over the financial and administrative tasks. The tandem is clearly running smoothly. The contact with Louis doesn't feel like talking to a customer. I really have the impression that together, each from our own expertise, we make LDK Woodworks what it is." #growing together

Is entrepreneurship in your blood too?

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