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As a chef, you don't feel like stirring the numbers in the evening. And as an engineer, you've probably seen enough calculations fly by. After all, you've been focusing on your business all day. Thanks to our concerns, you as a customer get the space to stay focused on your core business. So you can excel in your talents, and we let the accounting part flourish. We take over where it is no longer entirely clear for you. And we like to do that to-the-point and concretely, in your own words.

Leave it to us

We love nothing more than to spark your interest in your own numbers. Because admittedly, that's our passion. Why? Because accounting is the solid foundation is what you can build your business on. Many accountants see accounting as an end result. At Titeca, it's just a starting point for new opportunities and future plans. We are more than an accountant. Leave it to us to analyze and interpret your figures and create a basis on which you can grow your dream, big or small.

How do we do that? By looking far beyond the numbers. By seeing you proactively inspire, professionally advise and productive to unburden.

We are your sparring partner, someone who thinks along with you and offers personalized advice. Someone who celebrates your successes, explores new paths together and takes all factors into account to be able to choose the best solution. That co-entrepreneurship We do this for everyone: starters, professionals and established companies alike. Recently, we moved to a new, more easily accessible location at Aalterbaan 141 in Maldegem. This allows us to help you even faster. At any time, when it suits you. Would you like to drop by soon? We are happy to make time for you.


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Kristof Staelens, Office Manager
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