Titeca Mouscron, that's the thing to do
And we take that "door thing" very seriously. Why? Because we care about you. Because we want to achieve your goals together. Because we want to celebrate your big and small successes. Seeing you happy as a as a customer, is our greatest goal. For this we like to go the extra mile, we jump in where necessary and we sometimes deviate from regular office hours. It is more than worth it to us. You could say it like this: a happy customer is a happy Titeca.

You intrigue and inspire us

Your figures and results, balance sheets and closures. We know them like the back of our hand. But we also like to get to know you. We are more than just an accountant. A involved client manager Being a professional means looking at the whole picture. Both professionally and personally, if that feels comfortable to you as a client. This way we can better assess certain choices, get a good understanding of your situation and take into account sensitivities and your personal goals. Together we look at how you are now, where you want to go and how we are going to achieve that step by step. As one professional, proactively and productive team.

The way you approach things, your drive and how you want to grow your business. That intrigues and inspires us.

Even now, in the past year, entrepreneurship has been challenging, to say the least. Everything suddenly had to be digital and from a
happen at a safe distance. Digitizing is something we've been working on for a while, and this year we took a big leap. Shout out for that to our ICT department! Because of this, as a customer, you can use our digital butler James, which gives you 24 to 24 insight into your figures via an online platform. All our clients in Mouscron are currently connected to James. But who knows, maybe you still have questions or maybe it is not yet entirely clear to you how the platform works? Feel free to give us a call, and together we will go through everything step by step. We are here to help you. Always will be!


Philiep Blomme, partner and office manager Mouscron


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