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Do you have a keen eye for financial details?
Do you possess analytical skills and can effectively manage tight schedules?
Would you like to work supportively and love to relieve your colleagues by taking care of financial administrative tasks?
Do you want to use your skills in an environment that encourages innovation and growth?

That's why this is your dream job:
As an Accounting Assistant, you will provide assistance with recurring accounting and financial tasks within Titeca.

#enthousiasfeeling through...

  • Taking charge of the digital accounting processing of figures, thinking productively about content and laying thoughtful foundations. Reporting on financial health and performance, compiling the balance sheet bundle and formatting necessary reporting (annual report business manager and general meeting minutes);
  • Work efficiently, purposefully and correctly, for you there is no other way.
  • Relieve the customer manager as the customer's permanent point of contact by
    • offer him/her insight into the numbers;
    • deliver the entire bundle to the customer manager in a timely manner and follow up on its punctual signing, as well as correct administrative processing.
  • To ensure timely availability of all necessary information by requesting it from the customer, or customer manager.
  • Provide assistance and support for recurring financial and fiscal assignments ( plans, assistance with financial analysis and credit applications, etc.)

1TP5Making an impact by...

  • Ensure that through your accuracy and planned mindset, financial data is processed correctly and reported in a timely manner. You excel at skillfully managing agreed timings. Planning, structure and organization are your secret weapons.
  • Form a lubricated tandem with the client manager. They rely 100% on you for accurate representation of numbers.

#growing together through...

  • further explore your talents and grow in a role that is right for you
  • Embrace the help, knowledge and support you receive from your experienced team
  • thanks to your efforts, distribute the workload and create more time for the entire team.

#realize dreams and stay relevant by...

  • Along with being at the forefront of a constantly evolving world of accountancy, you look forward to being able to continually educate yourself in an industry that has never evolved as fast as it is now.
  • help yourself and Titeca grow so it can realize the dreams of even more entrepreneurs
  • As a proactive initiator, look for ways to do things even better yourself

And also because of this:

You are numerically and/or accounting minded, enjoy supporting and helping people by creating structure and taking care of administrative tasks. Your knowledge? You have accounting knowledge, either through training or equivalent relevant practical experience.

Here's what to expect:

At Titeca, we believe it is important to be able to throw yourself into your responsibilities with full energy. Of course, the balance between effort and relaxation also remains a must. Clearing your head, making time for fun with your colleagues and feeling each other's #enthousiasm. To then throw yourself into your daily tasks with new energy. But that's not all, of course:

  • Here you get to really be who you are and discover what makes you stand out. Wriggling around in a form that doesn't suit you? We do not!
  • A sustainable contract of indefinite duration.
  • A monthly salary that evolves with you based on your knowledge and experience.
  • The àller best training and coaching so that you don't just rely on professional as well as personal development.
  • Lots of fringe benefits that you choose, a training budget, bonus system and the opportunity to drive around in a Titeca company car.
  • We guard the healthy balance between your job and your social life. Plus we offer flexibility, such as the ability to work from home and sliding hours.
  • A full month's leave! That's 30 times not having to set your alarm clock.
  • The opportunity to productively grow your way.
  • A close-knit Titeca family that welcomes you warmly. Just get ready for (lots of) team builds, lavish afterworks and the coziest lunches.
  • Sports buddies who love buzz. Padel club, cycling club, running club? Join the club!
  • And where your career is headed? That's up to you proactively in control. Advancement opportunities are already up for grabs at Titeca.


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