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Yes, Titeca is different!

At Titeca, we are fully on fire! And embracing the changing world.

In this exciting growth and development, we are looking for an HR Business Partner (BP)!

People & Culture (P&C). helps implement the company goals, vision, mission, values in a way that our employees and our customers reap the benefits every day. A BP at P&C is first and foremost a connector, which sees and values human potential, and takes this potential to an even higher level. The BP is a confidant who makes a difference to our leaders, our employees and our teams by using his or her facilitation, coaching and consulting skills.

This is what you want to 'throw yourself' for daily

You are the first line contact and confidant for managers and employees of the offices in the North-West Flanders region. You think broadly, from a generalist point of view and you know how to translate your insights into a pragmatic approach.

For our executives, you are:

  • A strategic thinker who helps translate our offices' challenges into concrete practices in resource planning, performance management, training and development
  • A consultant on human resources and social law matters
  • A coach that helps the executive strengthen his or her performance as a people manager
  • A facilitator who works with the manager to help teams become the best version of themselves

For our employees, you are:

  • A sympathetic ear that provides consulting and coaching at key career moments: onboarding, growth, career development, exit...
  • The confidant with whom our employees feel safe to share their own growth story and to discuss any performance issues that may arise

You can recognize yourself in this

Diploma is less important to us. We are looking for a mature person who is ready to broaden his or her HR experience. We are curious to know what your talents and your competencies are, and how you can use them to make a difference for our colleagues.

You understand like no other; There's no I in team. Together with your team members you move mountains. You take it for granted that this sometimes requires some flexibility.

You recognize yourself in the following talents:

  • Convener: Working together, knowing what others need to move forward and thus contributing to achieving group goals
  • Strength architect: From an interest in people, spot their strengths and put them to work on the right vacancy
  • Organizer: organizing the day and what it takes to move forward to achieve goals
  • Rock: a strongly developed inner compass, standing firmly in one's shoes and remaining calm in complex situation

We too are doing our part. Titeca offers you

  • An open-ended contract, because security means one less worry.
  • A monthly salary that makes you happy.
  • Numerous fringe benefits, a bonus system and opportunity for a company car.
  • A balanced work-life ratio, where you organize your work yourself according to sliding hours. Because we understand that you also have a social life outside your job.
  • The opportunity to work in one of our 14 offices spread across West and East Flanders, with a base in the Roeselare office.
  • Thirty (yes, a full month) days of leave.
  • The right to keep growing. Focus but very broadly, we are here to support and guide you in any way we can (including through training leave, a budget to attend training.
  • On a regular basis a team building. So we hope you enjoy the occasional good laugh together with your - more than 300 - colleagues.
  • FRIYAY drinks, healthy and not so healthy "after works" and for the racers among us, a real Titeca cycling club.
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