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Data Analyst


Data Analyst


Aalter, Bruges, Ghent, Ypres, Knokke-Heist, Kortrijk, Lokeren, Ostend, Roeselare, Waregem

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The world of accountancy does not stand still. To keep up with the digital changes, the DATA team emerged as a full-fledged department within Titeca, Titeca pro dates. We want to further strengthen this expansion with new colleagues.

This is what you want to 'throw yourself' for daily

  • You are helping to build a revolutionary switch in the accounting world. Because increase speed, consistency and quality When booking invoices, that's what gets you hot. By bringing accountancy and IT together in this job automate and accelerate You the administrative side of accounting. This way you can 1TP4Making an impact for the client, your team and our entire organization.
  • You look forward to continually educating yourself in an industry that has never evolved as fast as it is today. You will collaborate on the latest technologies, implements them in your way of working, and fully builds on renewal.
  • Your optimizes our customer- and industry-specific software. Based on needs, but also on new insights and ideas. For this, you are close to internal and external software & IT experts, who provide the necessary support.
  • Because you are in close contact with customer managers, you know exactly what they need. Thanks to the insight that you make possible, they can inform, advise and inspire customers much more thoroughly, making a real difference.
  • You make sure that customers can use their most recent and correct financial data can view. By giving them an overview on how they are doing in real time, you offer business owners control and insight into the numbers.
  • The optimizations you make are reflected in faster administrative processing, more time for consulting and room for value-added creation.
  • You build a in-depth expertise on in various business sectors, software applications or other niches.

You can recognize yourself in this

Diploma is less important to us. We find it especially important that you have a high-quality working and thinking level. You have knowledge and maybe even experience in double-entry bookkeeping.

  • You are a unraveler and eat complicated issues for breakfast. You can process a lot of info, see connections in everything and have a good cause-and-effect understanding. So it makes sense that you get energy from simplifying complexity, making things proactively optimize and push boundaries.
  • You are healthily curious. Because you have a good listener are, you come into contact with different viewpoints and perspectives. Thus, you are able to understand things, form thoughtful opinions and complete puzzles.
  • A real pitbull, that's how you can describe yourself. You keep going when others give up, because you get satisfaction from achieving results. You grasp things firmly and strive for thoroughness. By dividing large assignments into pieces, you can make your productive focus high for a long time.
  • Novelties? That's what you as progressive innovator You gather knowledge like a vacuum cleaner and quickly work your way into new subject matter.

We too are doing our part. Titeca offers you

  • An open-ended contract, because security means one less worry.
  • A monthly salary that makes you happy.
  • Numerous fringe benefits, a bonus system and opportunity for a company car.
  • A balanced work-life ratio, where you organize your work yourself according to sliding hours. Because we understand that you also have a social life outside your job.
  • Thirty (yes, a full month) days of leave.
  • The right to keep growing. Focus but very broadly, we are here to support and guide you in any way we can (including through training leave, a budget to attend training.
  • On a regular basis a team building. So we hope you enjoy the occasional good laugh together with your - more than 300 - colleagues.
  • FRIYAY drinks, healthy and not so healthy "after works" and for the racers among us, a real Titeca cycling club.


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