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Learning & development officer


Learning & development officer


Ghent, Roeselare

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Are you an organizer at heart?
Are you energized by our culture of "lifelong learning" and do you want to convey this to our colleagues?
Do you act proactively and enjoy taking initiative?

That's why this is your dream job:

You will be responsible for the planning and organization of our internal training programs and support the L&D team in designing, planning and implementing learning initiatives. Together you will play a crucial role in promoting the growth and development of our employees and further building a learning culture within Titeca pro accountants & experts.

Regarding location, we also ask for a certain degree of flexibility, this in order to work from our headquarters in Roeselare as well as the office in Ghent from time to time.

You fit right in there, because you love:

1TP5Making an impact by...

  • communicating our mission in terms of knowledge: the right training at the right time for the right employee.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of learning materials and programs with a focus on measurable outcomes.
  • work with internal stakeholders to best align our learning and development initiatives with our business, as well as the personal needs of the employee.
  • Monitoring evaluations and recording internal training sessions.

#dreams realized through...

  • Help build a learning culture that balances the needs of our organization with sustainable careers for our employees.
  • provide a professional assessing learning and development needs and measuring training effectiveness.
  • Hand in hand with your team to be the point of contact for questions from colleagues regarding learning and development and further communication regarding learning and development.
  • create an annual picture of the training catalog.

#growing together through...

  • Contribute to the agility in the existing team to respond smoothly to the needs of our organization and employees.
  • Assist in managing the budget and provide general support to the L&D team.
  • proactive reflect on how we can grow even more as a team and collaborate annually on our strategic plan.

#enthousiasfeeling through...

  • To be an ambassador of the learning culture within Titeca from day one and to always look for new learning initiatives.
  • participate in projects aimed at developing new training and skills and how we can enthuse our employees (even more).
  • From time to time you will be responsible for the practical organization of the trainings. You like to roll up your sleeves and sporadically working a little later to facilitate this is not a stumbling block for you.


And also because of this:

  • You have a talent for planning and organizing and easily maintain an overview of the tasks to be performed. You are able to prioritize and deadlines do not deter you.
  • Communicating complex material in an understandable way is not a problem for you. Listening to others to fully understand their needs and concerns also holds no secrets for you.
  • Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Outlook, fingers are indispensable these days. New tools on the market don't deter you either!
  • You show a high degree of empathy and attach importance to the satisfaction of our customer (i.e. your colleagues 😉 ). You proactively respond to questions and think in order to translate the question into an appropriate solution.
  • You are willing to support others and actively contribute to achieving group results.


Here's what to expect:

At Titeca, we believe it is important to be able to throw yourself into your responsibilities with full energy. Of course, the balance between effort and relaxation also remains a must. Clearing your head, making time for fun with your colleagues and feeling each other's #enthousiasm. To then throw yourself into your daily tasks with new energy.

But that, of course, is not all:

  • Here you get to really be who you are and discover what makes you stand out. Wriggling around in a form that doesn't suit you? We do not!
  • A sustainable contract of indefinite duration.
  • A monthly salary that evolves with you based on your knowledge and experience.
  • The àller best training and coaching so that you don't just rely on professional, but also can continue to develop on a personal level.
  • Lots of fringe benefits that you choose, a training budget, bonus system and the opportunity to drive around in a Titeca company car.
  • We guard the healthy balance between your job and your social life. Plus we offer flexibility, such as the ability to work from home and sliding hours.
  • A full month's leave! That's 30 times not having to set your alarm clock.
  • The opportunity to productive To grow in your way.
  • A close-knit Titeca family that welcomes you warmly. Just get ready for (lots of) team builds, lavish afterworks and the coziest lunches.
  • Sports buddies who love to give buzz. Padel club, cycling club, running club? Join the club!
  • And where your career is headed? That's up to you proactive in hand. Advancement opportunities are already up for grabs at Titeca.


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