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Are you an accountant who loves an infectious team spirit?
Can you sense people well?
Are you energized by enthusing, leading and sharing your knowledge?

In our Roeselare office there are currently five enthusiastic accounting teams, all consisting of about ten colleagues. For one of these teams we are looking for a driven team leader who excels in the ultimate combination of accounting & people skills.


This is what you want to "throw yourself" at on a daily basis:

#enthousiasmeeling with your team through...

  • (re)recognize them and employ them based on their strengths.
  • train and coach them through their personal growth journey.
  • not only guard the team spirit, but also promote it.
  • Moreover, build that warm Titeca bond with clients, including during meetings.

1TP4Making an impact by...

  • Maintain oversight of client files and delegate tasks as needed.
  • Communicate Titeca's vision, mission and goals to your team.
  • translate expectations concretely with your team and set priorities.
  • relieve clients as a fiduciary and turn their needs into solutions.
  • Collaborate on the account plan, execute and follow up with your team.

#growing together by...

  • Create clear insights and goals for your team.
  • Monitor capacity and workload within your team.
  • monitor profitability.
  • promote knowledge sharing, efficiency and uniform operation across teams.
  • embrace support and knowledge you receive from the other team leaders.

#realizing dreams And staying relevant by...

  • recognize trends AND approach them as an opportunity & challenge.
  • Co-manage the annual evolution talks and interim follow-up talks.
  • help recruit new talents within the team.
  • intensive (digital) knowledge to continue to gain and grow.
  • achieve ambitious goals and results, both for yourself and the team.


You can identify with this:

In all this, you will be given the necessary freedom to manage and expand your own client portfolio. You can do this because you have a degree in Accountancy or Taxation to your credit, have built up relevant experience over the years and may even have obtained the title of Accountant (although this is not necessary).

And, of course, you are never alone. Your fellow team leaders and our office managers are always there for you. Just like our entire organization that can coach, advise and inspire you where necessary.


Here's what to expect:

At Titeca, we believe it is important to be able to throw yourself into your responsibilities with full energy. Of course, the balance between effort and relaxation also remains a must. Clearing your head, making time for fun with your colleagues and feeling each other's #enthousiasm.

But of course, that's not all! You can also count on:

  • A sustainable contract of indefinite duration.
  • A monthly salary that evolves with you based on your knowledge and experience.
  • The very best training and coaching so you don't just focus on professional, but also on personal plane can continue to develop.
  • Lots of fringe benefits that you put together yourself, including an annual training budget, bonus system and the opportunity to drive around in a Titeca company car.
  • A healthy balance between your job and social life. AND we offer flexibility, such as the ability to work from home and sliding hours.
  • A full month's leave! That's 30 times not having to set your alarm clock.
  • The opportunity to productively grow your way. We don't believe in supermen and women. We do believe in happy colleagues who get satisfaction from what they love to do.
  • A close-knit Titeca family that welcomes you warmly. Just get ready for (lots of) team builds, lavish afterworks and the coziest lunches.
  • Sports buddies who love to give buzz. Padel club, cycling club, running club? Join the club!
  • And where your career is headed? That's up to you proactively in control. Advancement opportunities are already up for grabs at Titeca.
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