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Junior Financial Business Analyst


Junior Financial Business Analyst


Ghent, Roeselare

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Anne-Sophie Pille - Talent Scout


Titeca, that's a punishing team of 300 accountants & experts. We are a rapidly growing, full-service accounting and consulting group with a vibrant belief that fun and work go hand in hand. Titeca helps entrepreneurs & businesses grow in a professional, proactive, productive, but above all personal way. We inform, inspire & advise them from a great personal involvement. And that with every future-defining decision.

We continue to grow ourselves, in size and in knowledge. Therefore we are looking for a Junior Financial Business Analyst which are mainly in the offices of Roeselare and Ghent making an impact. As a personal point of contact. As an expert who gives the right advice based on analysis. As a confidant who guides the client through every stage of his or her entrepreneurship.


This is where you, as a Junior Financial Business Analyst, want to 'throw yourself' on a daily basis:

  • You think strategically & logically with clients as they face decisions.
  • You support clients who want to enter into investment projects, including by performing feasibility analyses.
  • You make profitability analyses, thinking and steering in divisions according to product service & group, customers & customer groups, geographical zones, ...
  • Conduct and translate sector studies and analyses into concrete and actionable advice? Can you!
  • Entrepreneurs often collect mountains of data. You create insight into this, so that your client can confidently make future-proof decisions with a view to growth.
  • Using methodologies, you steer companies towards strategic insights and choices.
  • Inspiring our clients and our own colleagues, you do this by following up and sharing knowledge.
  • Across all tasks, you maintain an overview and complete project by project.



"After my studies, I started at Titeca Pro Experts as a corporate finance consultant. I was immediately allowed to go along to client meetings, which allows you to learn quickly and grow in all areas. Soon you will be given challenging assignments and can discover where your interests lie. No day is the same, you come into contact with different entrepreneurs, companies and sectors. In addition, every week there is at least one activity after working hours, for example we have our own mini soccer team, we go cycling and there is always someone to find for a Friday night drink." - Stefan Vandeputte




Here you can be as Junior Financial Business Analyst in recognize: 

  • You have an eagerness to add value with your Commercial Engineering degree.
  • Terms like financing mix, FFF and mezzanine financing roll right off your tongue. Obviously, because you have a strong financial background.
  • Entrepreneurship is what intrigues you. Your mission is to provide our entrepreneurs with the very best solution that works for them personally.
  • Your passion? Solving strategic, analytical and financing issues.
  • Creating insight through a Power BI report, aaahh that's what you get satisfaction from. You can easily create forecasts, reports and analyses.
  • You always look a few steps ahead, work in a forward-looking way and think in terms of KPIs for our customers.
  • You take things proactively in your hands, have inventive ideas and are only satisfied when you can bring a file to a successful conclusion.
  • The pay alone is not what you do it for. Your fiery drive, the desire to learn and your drive to grow also make you a happy colleague.
  • If you have to describe yourself in three words, go for 'social', 'discreet' & 'confidant'.
  • You are aware of your strengths and weaknesses. So you can use and tackle them optimally.
  • You are convinced that 1 + 1 equals 3. With that team oriented idea and your connecting communication skills you set up valuable collaborations with clients, the pro support team (Marketing, IT, People & Culture), our pro accountants & pro experts who each offer a total solution from their own field of expertise.


We too are doing our part. Titeca offers you:

  • Thanks to an open-ended contract, a salary that makes you happy, a bonus system, a cafeteria plan, the possibility of a company car and other fringe benefits.
  • The opportunity to work on your talents. Because not everyone excels at the same thing. Honestly, how boring would it be? We embrace your strengths and give you the opportunity to develop them further.
  • Unfold did you say? Yes. At Titeca, "grow" is a right we want to grant everyone. The higher you aim, the better. We support you not only with a training budget, but also with good pep talks and mental support.
  • Like the possibility of working from home, sliding hours and a fine balance between your work & social life. In addition, we also do 30 days of leave.
  • A warm group of colleagues who genuinely welcome you into the team and are happy to show you around Titeca.
  • Teambuildings (yes, we really love those), good afterworks and drinks on Fridays. But also a Titeca cycling, padel and mini soccer club for the sports enthusiasts!

Want to see more from Titeca? Then be sure to check out our Youtube channel!

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Meet Titeca. We are a rapidly growing, full-service accountancy group With a vibrant belief that fun and work go hand in hand. Titeca helps entrepreneurs & businesses grow in a professional and personal way