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Meet Titeca. We are a rapidly growing, full-service accounting group with a vibrant belief that fun and work go hand in hand. Titeca helps entrepreneurs & businesses grow in a professional and personal way. We go beyond accountancy per se and love to strategize, discuss and philosophize with our entrepreneurs, as a partner in life. So it's safe to say that we don't have an average approach.

To ensure our growth ambitions, we are looking for a (future) office manager who, with drive, enthusiasm, expertise & networking, will take on an important role in the further expansion of our office in Bruges With the possibility of advancing to partner - associate within the company.


You can identify with this:

  • You obtained at least a Bachelor's degree (accountancy and/or taxation);
  • You have at least 7 years of relevant experience (preferably in a fiduciary);
  • The title of Accountant is a plus;
  • You are socially and commercially minded. You like to network, identify commercial opportunities and maintain customer contacts;
  • You have experience leading, managing, coaching a team;
  • You are willing to undergo continuous training;
  • You have a sense of responsibility and have a proactive and pragmatic attitude;
  • You are customer focused, eager to learn and driven;
  • You have good interpersonal and communication skills, oral and written.

This is what you want to "throw yourself" at on a daily basis:

  • Nurture and maintain long-term customer relationships;
  • As a trusted advisor proactively relieve our clients, conduct meetings and other various client contacts;
  • Participate in networking events & trade shows;
  • Translate the needs of our customers into internal solutions;
  • Participation in 6-weekly consultation with other office leaders;
  • Determine and monitor our quality policy and business objectives;
  • Safeguard our mission, vision and corporate values;
  • Manage client files and ensure, where appropriate, the delegation of assignments;
  • Supervise, mentor, train and coach office colleagues in consultation with the Team Leader;
  • Ensure efficient & uniform operation of the office in consultation with the Team Leader;
  • Ensure good team spirit & Titeca DNA within the office in consultation with the Team Leader;
  • Sharing knowledge with colleagues.

We too are doing our part. Titeca offers you:

  • A self-employment contract within our company.
  • The necessary flexibility with the possibility of working from home.
  • A balanced work-life ratio, where you organize your work yourself according to sliding hours. Because we understand that you also have a social life outside your job.
  • We support your ambitions and offer you the opportunity to eventually join the organization as a partner.
  • The opportunity to build your office together with the responsible partner.
  • An occasional team building (is every month still occasional?). So we hope you enjoy having a good laugh now and then, together with your - more than 250 - colleagues.
  • FRIYAY drinks, healthy and not so healthy 'after works' and a veritable Titeca cycling club.
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Meet Titeca. We are a rapidly growing, full-service accountancy group With a vibrant belief that fun and work go hand in hand. Titeca helps entrepreneurs & businesses grow in a professional and personal way