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The Covid Safe Ticket in hospitality and fitness establishments: how to check it?

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From 1 November onwards the application of the Covid Safe Ticket will be mandatory in all hospitality and fitness centers in our country. But how do you tackle this in practice as an entrepreneur?  


Required for what activities?

On November 1, you need to check the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) of your customers for the following activities:  

  • Insidefacilities hospitality activities 
    • So not needed for: 
      • Outdoor spaces including terraces 
      • Short-term access that is not aimed at consumption in the facility (e.g., restroom access, takeaway) provided A mouth mask is worn.
  • Fitness Centers 
  • Organizers of public events from 200 persons inside - from 400 persons outside. Here a choice applies between mouth mask obligation and respect social distancing or checking the Covid Safe Ticket.
  • Extension obligation for visitors of mass events + dancings and discotheques (min. 3000 persons inside max. 5000 persons outside). Here it is mandatory to check the CST. 


Who should submit a CST?

  • Hospitality and fitness centers: visitors aged 16 and older 
  • Events: visitors from 12 years and 2 months 


How do you check a CST?

Scanning the CST is done through the COVIDscanBE application ( which you can download for free. You also need to check the identity of your customer to see if this is in accordance with the CST, this can be done via an identity card or driver's license. For more information we refer you to this page.   


Will I be audited as an operator/ business owner and are there penalties for this?

The mayors are in charge of monitoring compliance so the police will conduct the checks. Non-compliance is punishable by the following monetary penalties: 

  • 50 to 2,500 for organizers and operators
  • 50 to 500 euros for visitors


As of today (29/10/2021), staff in hospitality and fitness establishments are also required to wear a mouth mask again. 


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