For whom?

Which type of entrepreneur are you?

Are you thinking about creating a start-up, do you run a one-man business, have you expanded your enterprise into a business group or are you part of a family business? In each of these cases, you have your own specific needs. Titeca will gladly help you fulfil those needs.

We are known for our proactive approach, which consists in personalised guidance and close follow-up. We are aware of your situation, know what goals you have set and help you achieve them by assisting you with professional advice and specialised services, tailored to the current and future needs of your company. We evolve with you.

The sectors

Each sector comes with its own challenges, opportunities, procedures and points of interest. Are you starting up your own business, do you wish to expand your company or are you ready for the next step in your life? In each entrepreneurial stage, it is advisable to surround yourself with people who have expertise in your sector.

The pro accountants and experts at Titeca are specialists in specific business sectors, updating their know-how on a daily basis. Examples include legal changes, additional subsidies and shifts in the market. Whether you are a butcher, hospitality owner, shopkeeper, copywriter, care provider or property developer, you can always rely on a dedicated expert who will personally help you face the challenges of your sector.