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Yes, we are different.

Titeca is not a traditional accounting firm. We believe in working together. And that already starts within our organization. Even though our pro accountants have a very broad view of all possible business domains, from time to time they also need to call on specialists. At Titeca, those experts are just a few metres away... We are one family. And you can feel that as a customer. Forevery future decision you can count on the knowledge and experience of our pro experts.

Titeca is PRO

Not coincidentally, at Titeca we speak of pro accountants and pro experts. The proactive, professional and productive attitude is characteristic of our team. It is part of our corporatevision:

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We want to help build a sustainable society through inspiring entrepreneurship in a proactive, productive and professional way.

How we as a company ourselves are helping to build this sustainable society can be found at our sustainability page.

Pro active? How so?

Our proactivity translates on many levels. For some clients, it is enough when we spontaneously point out some possibilities: "Have you thought about...?" Others expect us to thoroughly analyze their figures every quarter and provide concrete advice.

At Titeca, we also keep our finger on the pulse of new developments. As an entrepreneur, how proactively should you respond to new trends such as blockchain, digitization, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, etc.? Do you take the lead, or is it better to wait and see. We think it is Titeca's job to inform our customers about this in good time.

Titeca, that's pro professionalism

At Titeca, we are particularly aware of the major impact of our work and advice on the profitability of your business. This responsibility requires great professionalism. Tax and legal changes follow each other in rapid succession. Our pro experts follow every change closely and ensure that this knowledge reaches our pro accountants is coming. Not to turn them into multi-experts - that's impossible - but to make sure that they give their client be able to inform proactively. This is also why Titeca continues to grow: we fill our team up with professionals. In every domain.

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The digital tools we provide are also a translation of our professionalism. For example, James is the result of the intense collaboration between our accountancy and in-house ICT experts.

We are extremely productive!

Productivity. That, too, is a hobbyhorse of Titeca's. Simplicity and efficiency are part of our DNA. That's also why we budget-friendly remain for our customers. We like to compare ourselves to a starred restaurant where you can also order a delicious and simple spaghetti. At Titeca, you only pay for our pro experts, when their expertise is really needed. Our rates are a slider that you operate.

And that's not all. We are also more productive for our clients because we have all the numerical data at our disposal. When preparing a decision that will determine the future, such as a takeover, transfer, stoppage or sale you don't have to go to an external party that has to completely delve into your case. Since our pro experts are part of the Titeca family, the transfer of information is extremely fast and therefore a lot cheaper. That too is productivity.

But above all: our personal commitment

Our persoonly approach remains more important than the many digital gadgets that make our lives easier. It has long been the hobbyhorse of our pro accountants: involvement with our client. That's why we prefer to speak of file ownersg rather than file managers.

Hence, our mission:

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We have the ambition to be the main confidant of every ambitious entrepreneur and self-employed person by unburdening, advising and inspiring from a great personal commitment in making every future-defining decision.

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