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A more spacious place for Titeca Kortrijk

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Since the acquisition of the former 'Sofinac' in early 2018, the Kortrijk office, under the wing of Titeca, has grown out of its seams.

"We had been looking for a suitable location to build a new business building for a while" testifies Emmanuel Titeca. The site of the former OSU, located next to the fitness club De Kaai op 't Hoge, has since been purchased.

In anticipation, Titeca Kortrijk, under the leadership of office director Hendrik Ingelbeen, found the perfect interim solution with a rental property in a nearby business complex. Since January 6, customers can visit our NEW ADDRESS:


Titeca Kortrijk

President Kennedy Park 6 - Bus 25

8500 Kortrijk.


The known phone number: 056/212748 remains unchanged.

"Local presence and customized service, close to the customer-entrepreneur, remain at the top of the Titeca priority list.", says CEO Fabian Missinne.

Thanks to this new accommodation with more modern facilities and a large parking lot right in front of the door, we can serve our customers even better in the future. Feel free to drop by!