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CBA & Partners becomes new office of Titeca pro accountants & experts

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On Friday, July 7, the already existing partnership between CBA & Partners from Mariakerke and accountancy group Titeca pro accountants & experts will be concretized into a structural collaboration through an acquisition. Caroline Van Hyfte of CBA & Partners will become a partner and take ten colleagues on board the Titeca ship. Titeca pro accountants & experts is thus anchoring itself even more firmly in the East Flanders entrepreneurial landscape.

Fabian Missinne, CEO of Titeca pro accountants & experts, is happy to explain a bit about the acquisition: "Our company derives its drive from four key aspects that we describe in hashtags. Those are #enthousiasfeel, #grow together, #dreamsrealize and #impactmaking. With the addition of Caroline and her team to our group of now 340 colleagues, we could absolutely tick off these four dots. It's been since 2021 that our pro expert department has enthusiastically partnered with CBA & Partners. This acquisition offers to both parties The opportunity to continue to grow and help realize the dreams of our clients and colleagues and make an impact in the East Flanders entrepreneurial landscape.

"This acquisition is actually a logical consequence of the two years we have been working together in the meantime", Caroline Van Hyfte of CBA captivates. At that time, many of our clients already came into contact with pro expert services such as succession planning, strategic business plans and financing techniques. So all the expertise our clients need at every stage of entrepreneurship was already under one roof. The name Titeca is well known because even with new clients, the partnership was already mentioned. So to speak, the only thing we didn't have was the name. In the past 15 years as CBA & Partners, I was confronted with the typical growing pains of an ambitious company. Procedures, structure, software ... we were already making great progress, but through the structural cooperation with Titeca pro accountants & experts, I see the future looking even brighter. Even with our biggest challenge: digitization, Fabian and his team will be able to help us incredibly.

"What's nice," continues Bram Cornelis, partner, "is the fact that Caroline really believes in working together. Working together offers a lot of opportunities and that's how you can grow. Caroline felt that need and so we soon came to an initial partnership. That gave her the time and space to be more personally engaged with her employees and customers. In the past few months, we became so convinced that our DNA is the same. We want to pro working for the entrepreneur: proactive, professional and productive. We want to be more than an accountant. A confidant who stands there for every future-defining decision. And let that be exactly what we were for Caroline in the past period and will be in the future for the clients of CBA & Partners."