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Energy premiums for companies in 2022

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In addition to individuals working on an energy-efficient home, the Flemish government also gives companies a helping hand with their energy-saving investments. If you are self-employed or a company that wants to improve the energy performance of an existing non-residential building (e.g. office building, warehouse or production hall), chances are that you are entitled to one or more energy premiums from grid manager Fluvius.

In order to avoid a proliferation of energy premiums, each with their own conditions and application procedures, the Flemish government is launching a new premium system from 1 July 2022. Most of the Fluvius energy premiums will then be merged into a comprehensive premium which, from 1 October 2022, will be available through the unique e-portal My RebuildingPremium will be able to request.


What investments can you get a premium for?

The following is an overview of all the energy grants that can be applied for by companies in 2022.

roof/ attic floor insulation 8 EUR/m², and max 100% of the invoice amount excluding VAT. until 30/06/2022
roof insulation in combination with asbestos removal 16 EUR/m², and max 100% of the invoice amount excluding VAT. until 30/06/2022
wall insulation 30 EUR/m² for exterior wall insulation on the inside
15 EUR/m² for exterior wall insulation on the inside
5 EUR/m² for cavity wall insulation
until 30/06/2022
floor/basement insulation 6 EUR/m² until 30/06/2022
glazing 16 EUR/m² until 30/06/2022
heat pump Geothermal: max. 57,000 EUR
Air water: max. 47,000 EUR*
Hybrid air-water: max. 31,2500 EUR*.
Air-to-air: max. 4,800 EUR
until 30/06/2022
heat pump boiler up to 2 kW: 300 EUR (or 450 EUR**)
from 2kW : in function of electric compressor power
max 40% of the net invoice amount
max. 3,780 EUR(or 5,670 EUR**)
until 30/06/2022
solar water heater 200 EUR/m² of aperture area
max 40% of invoice amount
10,000 EUR max.
until 30/06/2022
relighting according to the technical performance and the installed capacity
max. 15,000 EUR (without daylight control) or 20,000 EUR (with daylight control)
max. 100% of net invoice amount
until 30/06/2022
solar panels 300 EUR/kWp for the first 4 kWp and 150 EUR/kWp from 4 to 6 kWp
max 40% of the net invoice amount
max. 1,500 EUR
until 30/06/2022
electric heat control 50% of the net invoice amount
EUR 400 maximum
until 31/12/2023
asbestos removal in combination with solar panels 12 EUR/m² asbestos roof removal
max 50% of the net invoice amount
until 31/03/2023
premium after energy study 0.035 EUR per kWh primary energy saved
max. 25,000 EUR per project and year
My RebuildingPremium depending on type of energy investment as of 01/10/2022
*= higher premium for final invoices from 01/01/2022 to 31/12/2023 inclusive, subject to final approval by the Flemish Government.
**= higher premium for final invoices from 01/07/2022 to 31/12/2023 inclusive subject to final approval by the Flemish government


To/from when to apply?

Until June 30, all premiums must still be applied for separately. Between July 1 and October 1, a period will follow during which the premiums that are included in My RenovationPremie will temporarily not be accessible. From 1 October, the My RenovationPremie e-portal will be open and premiums for all eligible energy investments can be applied for again.


Want to know more?

For more information on the conditions and application procedures for the respective premiums, please visit the websites of the Flemish Government or from Fluvius itself.

The government also provides a convenient premium search module at your disposal.

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