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The globalization mechanism is back!

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Companies that suffered heavy sales losses in 2021 due to the corona measures can invoke the Globalization Mechanism, as they did last year.

The call for this presumably very last corona premium is open through June 13.


For whom?

The Globalization Mechanism can be requested by all companies that :

  • Had an active operating seat in the Flemish Region on July 1, 2021
  • Had a turnover, excluding VAT, of at least €600,000 in the period from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019
  • In calendar year 2021 as a result of the corona measures, had a revenue decrease of at least 40% compared to calendar year 2019
  • In at least two separate quarters of calendar year 2021 as a result of the corona measures, had a decrease in sales of at least 60% compared to those same quarters in 2019
  • As a result of the corona measures, incurred an accounting loss in calendar year 2021


How much?

The support is 10% of sales, excluding VAT, in the period of calendar year 2019.

There are various constraints and ceilings.

In addition, the support received under the Flemish Protection Mechanism 4 to 11 and the repayable advance event sector call 2021 will be deducted from the grant.


How to apply.

The globalization grant can be applied for through June 13 at the VLAIO website.


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