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New COO strengthens Titeca pro accountants & experts' future-proof vision

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Earlier this year, Titeca announced new CEO Jurka Vanthournout. She in turn is now joining forces with COO Dieter Debo. "In recent years, together with former General Manager Lizbeth Nowé, we have built a strong label around Titeca, awarded titles such as Great Place to Work and Laureate Voka Charter Sustainable Business," Vanthournout says. "We have permanently put ourselves on the map as a sustainable confidant, both for clients and employees. Together with our 350 colleagues spread over 12 offices, we are now more than ever going for sustainable growth in the broadest sense of the word. In doing so, we also want to encourage others to inspire entrepreneurship in (and for) our society. In all this, my tandem COO Dieter Debo, in whom we as an organization have found a warm DNA match, will play a key internal role."


"Going strong into the future, realizing dreams together and being a lasting sparring partner for our customers and colleagues. That is what we want to live up to at Titeca," begins Dieter Debo, who has assumed the role of COO within Titeca since May 2, 2024. "That is why we are getting ready for a next-level growth movement, both through acquisitions and the influx of new employees. I very much believe that individuals with the same values attract each other, which is how we at Titeca form an ever-growing, united family. There proactively ensuring that the organizational design is always adapted to what the future requires, keeping our business processes continuously future-proof and embedding them in strong digital applications, is essential. This is what I will focus on from a sustainable vision. Where the CEO continues to outline the external strategy, together with the partner team, I will translate that strategy into concrete, internal organizational processes."


Local anchoring

"Going down a certain road together with a team is what I love. A deep click is essential for that. And I found that at Titeca. The family character, the no-nonsense mentality of buzz and the personal touch I love. A feeling that entrepreneurs also experience. It's not just the numbers in itselfbut above all the added value we offer as accountants and experts, by informing, advising and inspiring clients in every future-defining decision they face. We prefer to make that impact as personally as possible. Our local presence therefore remains invaluable. We continue to cherish those warm contacts, growing together and that genuine click. I will always productively help strengthen it."


Sustainable growth

"I have a heart for people. Another common ground! So the vision with which I stand in this role is also a very human one. Thinking, doing and feeling in line with your values: that, I believe, is what energizes people. Titeca already puts a very strong focus on this, and I want to help make that a permanent reality for every employee. We will also focus even more broadly on the ecological aspect: energy-neutral offices, an all-electric vehicle fleet and greening in every area are at the top of the list. Sustainable growth is the only way to go. We take a lot from nature and get a lot from our society. I think we should be allowed to give back. To further propagate that idea also within our professional context, that's what I'm going for."