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Titeca pro accountants & experts becomes partner of JCI award for West Flanders Young Entrepreneur

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Titeca pro accountants & experts will be the structural partner of the JCI award for West Flanders Young Entrepreneur in the coming years.

For the tenth time already, JCI is using this award to draw extra attention to the entrepreneurial spirit of young entrepreneurs in West Flanders. Our province is largely built on family SMEs with an outspoken mentality of hard work. Olsan deuredoen', it is an attitude that often distinguishes us from the rest of Flanders.

That talent, according to Titeca pro accountants & experts be nurtured and supported.

"Family businesses are still the beating heart of West Flanders and far beyond," says Emmanuel Titeca. "But those traditional family businesses now often revolve around an increasingly older generation. If we want to continue to play this out as a strength in the future, there needs to be now be invested in young and creative entrepreneurship."

This shared vision ensures that Titeca and JCI will work more closely together in the future. In doing so, Titeca provides support to JCI in reading and reviewing the submitted dossiers and brings additional knowledge to them.

Win-win for all parties

The partnership is a win-win. "Both organizations have the same goal in mind: stimulate entrepreneurship", says Virginie Ramboux, responsible WVLJO 2022. "We are convinced that we can learn a lot from the experience of Titeca's experts. Their approach to the submitted files will not only benefit the sérieux of the award, we will also be able to take their advice into account in our operation where we want to offer young entrepreneurs as much knowledge and opportunities as possible."

In this way, Titeca also keeps the finger on the pulse to know what's coming our way in the next few years. "The 'pro' in Titeca pro accountants & experts also stands, not coincidentally, for proactivity, being vigilant now for what is to come and arming yourself for it as an organization.

We are convinced that our contacts with these young entrepreneurs will give us a lot of inspiration. It is no coincidence that the average age of our employees has dropped significantly in recent years. After all, we believe in the next generation," concludes Emmanuel Titeca.


Pictured are the four 2022 nominees: Jean-Paul Godfroy (BNB Support), Steven Callens (Sunday), Nicolas Buysschaert (Digital KIXX) and Inge Lataire (Lataire Dier en Tuin).

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