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Titeca pro accountants & experts blows out its first pro candle

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A year ago, we renamed Titeca Accountancy to Titeca pro accountants & experts. A choice to proudly come out with who we have been since the very beginning in 1987. And to make our pro-values. A story in which the words 'confidant', 'personal involvement' and 'inspire' keep recurring. We celebrated during the Bedrijvencontactdagen in Kortrijk, the largest business networking event in Belgium.

For a year now, we have been naming who we really are: one close-knit family of accountants, experts & supporters who work hard every day professional, productive and proactively 'smiting' for their customers. And who, above all, do so in a personal way. At any moment, during each phase of their lives. We have also given shape to this, via the Titeca life loop: a loop full of milestones that every self-employed person experiences sooner or later. And where both our accountants and experts inform, advise and inspire in a committed way.


Youthful Entrepreneurship - Emmanuel Titeca - Partner

"It is particularly pleasing to see that young people have also found their way to Company Contact Days. You can really feel the entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to go for it in them. They want to do things in a personal way and attach great importance to being together with customers and colleagues. It makes me proud to be able to experience such entrepreneurship among young people in our own region."

Time for personal contact - Fabian Missine - CEO & Partner

"What better way to celebrate our anniversary than at the Company Contact Days? In our stand, the pro-values and life cycle came to life visually, an identity you can literally live. But more importantly: at the Bedrijvencontactdagen we are close to our entrepreneurs and make time for personal contact. That is #helemaaltiteca."

The power of 'together' - Jurka Vanthournout - Legal Expert & Partner

"At Titeca, we believe that entrepreneurs strengthen and inspire each other when you bring them together. For me, the Company Contact Days are therefore synonymous with cross-pollination and #samengrowth. It's fantastic to see how entrepreneurs from different sectors and backgrounds discuss the challenges they face every day and the ambitions they want to realize. And it's even nicer to take part in this yourself. Because that's what we do it for. 1TP4Making an impact"

To inspire and to be inspired - Marc De Moor - Business Partner & Associate

"Meeting. #enthousiasmfeeling #realizing dreams. That's what Titeca stands for. And that is exactly what we do at the Company Contact Days. Seeing our clients again, that tastes like corona! As an entrepreneur, because that's what Titeca is, it's particularly nice to meet new people. To inspire and be inspired."