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Doing digital business together? Get to know JAMES!

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Accounting is a means of entrepreneurship, but is not an end in itself! Administrative obligations and tax optimization remain always important ... Meanwhile, the arrival of Covid-19 has accelerated the online business .

At Titeca we have been focusing on digitalization for years. An intense collaboration between our accountancy and in-house ICT experts, has led to important innovations in software. We are happy to share the skills and advantages of digital entrepreneurship with you!

Besides the Titeca customer manager, who optimizes your file and adjusts it where necessary, you now get an extra personal assistant. This assistant is 7/7 at your service and will keep your administration digitally on track!


James, your personal butler at Titeca!


James, is an online accounting platform, accessible provided your own login.




Benefits offered on a tray

In order to assess your financial needs correctly, it is extremely important to have a clear view of the company's results. With up-to-date accounts and clear reports, you as an entrepreneur can react adequately to constantly changing situations based on accurate information.

  1. Along with James, you organize your administration fully digital and you can use your Upload documents very easily.
  1. All important documents and invoices can now be found at one site, which you can consult via your computer, smartphone or tablet.
  1. In addition, James shows, an on-time overview of your numbers on an interactive tray. Using a simple and easy-to-understand reports, you gain an understanding of your company's results.


This way, you and your Titeca customer manager can track the financial status of your company 24/7 and steer your company even better!


For whom?

This user-friendly platform is a great help for small and medium-sized enterprises who do not have an internal bookkeeper. The Titeca client manager will assist you in organizing your administration completely digitally. In addition also larger companies don't want to miss out on James' many services.

James, free for the Titeca customer!

At Titeca, we offer value-added solutions! Therefore, we offer exclusive and free access to this portal, with all James' personal services, to all Titeca clients.



If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at 051 26 82 68 or simply click on the button below. We will be happy to help you organize your digital administration!