Real estate & property development

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Home For whom? Sectors A successful construction project from A to Z As a construction promoter, you are faced with a lot of questions and obligations. Each aspect with its own conditions and regulations. Trust Titeca to map, connect and work out all aspects for you into a feasible project. Why choose [...]

Liberal professions

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Medical & paramedical

Home For whom? Sectors A total package of tax, financial, administrative and legal guidance "As a doctor, can I invest in real estate? My practice is getting too busy for me alone, how can I collaborate with colleagues? As a health care provider, what expenses can I contribute for tax purposes? My company has excess cash, how can I use it on [...]

Hospitality & catering industry

Home For whom? Sectors Specific guidance for the hospitality sector "How do I make my hospitality business profitable? What margins and labor costs should I take into account? How do similar businesses handle it? What permits do I need?" Perhaps you are also asking yourself the above questions as a hospitality operator. Who knows, you may need very specific guidance or you may [...]


Titeca supports you with customized processing and reporting proactive advice Building a strong network Home For whom? Sectors Put the focus back on your own craftsmanship As a contractor or builder, you're not just worried about delivering sites correctly, but you're also faced with a lot of questions and strict regulations. [...]

Automotive sector

Home for whom? Sectors Advice and support in the automotive sector The automotive industry, a sector in constant flux, has been subject to significant change for years. That can make it extra challenging to make informed and strategic decisions. Let the pro accountants and experts at Titeca be your handhold that offers advice and support to [...]


Home For whom? Sectors A constant partner throughout your career "How can I optimize my income for tax purposes? Which constructions are most opportune for me? What about my pension? How do I find my way around changing tax laws and obligations?" As a director of an employment company, you are often faced with these tax issues. [...]