Subsidy expert

Jos grant expert

Home Pro experts Are you making the most of government aid or are you leaving money lying around? We get it. As an entrepreneur within an ambitious SME, you do have other things on your mind than plowing through subsidy databases, keeping an eye on calls and fulfilling administrative obligations. However, be aware of the fact that doing so [...]

Acquisition expert

Home Pro Expert Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) As a business owner, you are involved in buying and selling goods and/or services on a daily basis. Buying or selling a business probably occurs less frequently in your career. Every acquisition is a unique piece of customized work in which both the interests of the acquirer, the transferor and the [...]

Financial architect

Home Pro experts We work magic with your numbers! Our financial architects give top priority to all your needs and dreams. Through our personal no-nonsense approach, we take care of you during every stage of your company's life and of you as an entrepreneur. Would you like to take the next step in your life? For us, [...]

Legal-HR advisor

Home Pro experts Make your employees your ambassadors! Successful business includes managing personnel well. After all, a sound personnel policy forms the basis for a company with driven employees, who are fully committed to achieving the company goals. Our pro experts in social law can support and relieve you in all facets [...].

Wealth & inheritance expert

Home Pro experts Customization on a human scale Our experts in estate law and succession planning distinguish themselves by combining specialized legal advice with a personal and hands-on approach, all according to the needs and wishes of the client. Each step is tailor-made, taking into account all aspects of importance to an entrepreneur: [...]

Strategy architect

Home Pro experts Thanks to our passionate strategic co-entrepreneurs, you can do business with vision! An important decision on which you want to spar, or a more intensive strategic orientation: we are here for you! Our co-entrepreneurs help you determine where you want to be within 5 years. Then together we translate this into the crucial steps you [...]

Tax adviser

Home Pro experts Get lost in the tax landscape As an entrepreneur you and also your company are confronted at different (key) moments with various types of taxes such as personal income tax, corporate income tax, VAT but sometimes also local taxes and customs duties. One tax is not the other, often a complex set of rules and formalities [....]

Legal expert

Home Pro expert Legal expertise in plain language Our business law experts work closest to and with the entrepreneur: they assist you from the basics (articles of association, shareholder agreements, acquisition of shares or business fund...) through day-to-day practice (collaborations, leases, general terms and conditions...) to the end (liquidation and dissolution, sale of the company, succession...). Check below the [...]

Pro Accountants

Pro Accountants The Titeca pro accountant optimizes your individual file, supports and adjusts where necessary. This allows you as an entrepreneur to focus effortlessly on what you do best: doing business with enthusiasm! Previous Next Home Offerings Services Are you also an entrepreneur with great enthusiasm? Accounting is a means to entrepreneurship, but is not a goal in itself. [...]