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The corridors of Titeca have long since ceased to be the exclusive preserve of accountants and tax professionals. For years, Titeca has had a 'Team Legal' in the house.

This team has doubled in size over the past 6 years, and thanks to this growth, we have been able to allow our lawyers to specialize in their own specific areas: business law, property law, social law, ...

"Having our own expert for each expertise is an absolute asset, although we still strive to train each of our lawyers as globally as possible. The all-round basic knowledge of each of our lawyers is an asset both for the client, and for the team."

(Growth story

In 2019, names Barbara Blomme and Evelien Meersseman, the current team leaders of Team Legal, took over the torch from partner Jurka Vanthournout: a step that was necessary in the context of Titeca's overall growth. Also a good example of the internal growth of each employee, which is what Titeca stands for.

Evelien has been working for Titeca for over 7 years now, after an almost equally long career as a lawyer. Barbara joined Titeca 3.5 years ago with about 10 years of experience as a legal advisor. A happy reunion for both of them because after their joint studies at the KULAK and the KULeuven, they lost sight of each other for a while. Barbara and Evelien are both Specializing in corporate law.



"Having our own expert for each expertise is an absolute asset, although we still strive to train each of our lawyers as globally as possible."

Contracts in the language of the entrepreneur

"By business law we understand all the transactions that a company, whether a partnership or a sole proprietorship, faces in its operation: from incorporation to liquidation, from service to acquisition, from leasing to purchase.

For many entrepreneurs, contract work is a far cry from what they should be doing, and for that reason it is often not a priority. However, a good and correct contract is worthwhile if it is drawn up at a time when all the parties involved are pulling in the same direction. All too often we are only contacted when problems or discussions arise. Then it is actually too late to make good arrangements.

Legal language often puts you off: too stiff, too serious, too threatening... That is precisely why we strive to draw up contracts as much as possible in the language of the entrepreneur, in line with the needs of the entrepreneur, but with the necessary legal correctness and completeness. Here, too, we are fully committed to the no-nonsense approach for which Titeca is renowned."

À la carte statutes, internationally unseen freedom

Since January 1, 2020, the new Company Code applies to all companies, and all companies are required to conform their articles of association to this new company law by the end of 2024. For some, this is a mere administrative formality, but others are seizing the opportunity to optimize and personalize their articles of association.

Discuss with your client manager which approach is most appropriate for your business.

 "The accountants within Titeca can call on the legal team for legal questions from their clients at any time. But through internal training and workshops of the legal team, they also have the necessary basic knowledge of the (new) company law. In this way they are also the first point of contact in the legal field.

When the entrepreneur wishes to draw up "personalized" articles of association, the file is passed on to the legal team. This is mainly the case for collaborations between entrepreneurs, scenarios with smooth entries and exits, search for potential investors (with or without control), or preparation of the company for the transition to the next generation...

For the client, this is an absolute opportunity, and for us, as lawyers, a real challenge to get what the client wants written down in statutes and/or shareholder agreements. After all, shareholder agreements are still very often combined with tailor-made articles of association because of the discretion they offer." 

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"Our accountants can call on the team of lawyers for legal questions from clients at any time. But, through internal training by 'Team Legal', they themselves also have the necessary basic knowledge of the (new) company law."

A customized contract or venture!

Good conversation, and a personalized approach to each client file is what Titeca is all about.

"Titeca likes to sit down with all parties involved to know the needs or wishes of the entrepreneur. We translate these into to the point opinions as well as contracts, in understandable language, but with legal completeness that, where necessary, also exceeds corporate law."

Titeca lives side by side with entrepreneurs. We have all the expertise in house in addition to our accountancy department. Which expertise do you currently need? Let us know, we are happy to help you!

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