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Supercolor, proactive and fast innovation around new needs




Nie gaan, dá ga nie! That's the spirit of Titeca, with which our experts enter into daily dialogue and co-enterprise with the customer-entrepreneur. We unburden you and offer tailor-made solutions to all kinds of challenging issues.

Proud of the many customers who did not give up, we let them have their say in the series 'Entrepreneurial Heroes of Titeca' , because, even when things are tough, we must above all 'do and die'!

How are you doing?

We asked the customer-entrepreneur Michel Verheughe, business manager of Supercolor from Merelbeke, specializing in digital printing.

"Never thought but we are running at full speed, and are busier than ever. Our good fortune has been that we assessed the severity of this crisis very correctly from the start. Even before the lockdown, we put our heads together with all members of management, staff and some friendly customers to brainstorm how we, as a supplier to the events industry, could avoid a long-term closure of our production." 

What effect did the lockdown have on your activity?

"Strong visual communication has been Supercolor's core business for 25 years. In the beginning, our order book was effortlessly filled with orders for signage in connection with the new safety measures. So our production hardly ever stopped.

Between 15.03 and 15.04, we were still only doing 5% of the kind of work we used to do, as 95% of our production is event-related during that period... Yet our sales increased substantially compared to the same period last year."


The Plan-B of Supercolor?

"The advent of corona exponentially increased world demand for all kinds of safety and protection items. 

With our existing machinery and know-how, we have technically everything in house, for the producing of floor signs, plexiglass screens, partitions, hand gel dispensers, mouth masks, etc.


For the logistical organization to install our products at the customer, we can rely on more than 100 experienced employees of the Panama Group. They are one of the biggest players in the event sector and have been a customer of Supercolor for years.

Out of our shared expertise and complementarity, a partnership emerged under the name of 'Re-Cover' with an entirely separate website and branding."



How do you make a difference?

"It is our mission to provide efficient, ad hoc but sustainable solutions, to make everyone's organization a safe workplace. Creativity and reactivity, are our two main assets to help entrepreneurs with a successful restart.

Thanks to our network of existing clients, we were able to immediately start "making safe" all the bank branches of BNP Paribas Fortis, KBC, etc. 

The pharmacy sector, too, was under pressure to take the necessary measures quickly. Fortunately, we were able to reach the individual pharmacies throughout the country via their umbrella professional association. In this way, we now also inform all catering businesses via Unilever and the hairdressing salons, for example, via L'Oréal."

A positive future?

"The continuous invention and creation of new customized prototypes for companies that we can advance with Re-Cover is very exciting. But we keep both feet on the ground: this is and will remain a temporary situation.

By the end of July most companies and businesses will be fully operational again. In the meantime, we with Supercolor can look forward to the resurgence of normal activities both in the retail and to a lesser extent in the event sector, so that after the summer we can resume our core activities. We have learned some lessons from this, but we will keep those to ourselves for the time being!"


"Proactively and quickly innovating around new needs is the message!"

Is entrepreneurship in your blood too?

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