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Nie gaan, dá ga nie! That's the spirit of Titeca, with which our experts enter into daily dialogue and co-enterprise with the customer-entrepreneur. 

Proud of the many customers who did not give up, we let them have their say in the series 'Entrepreneurial Heroes of Titeca' , because, even when things are tough, we must above all 'do and die'!

How are you doing?

We asked customer-entrepreneur Nadja Desmet, founder in 2016 of the, which in 2018 was named by Unizo as promising West Flemish SME of the year.

"Personally good, I'm (still) healthy. Businesswise: exciting!... Since the start of the lockdown, we saw a huge boost in the use of social media. Much more than before, the 'online town square' as I call 'social media', became the place to be to 'meet' each other and exchange news with each other, also on a business level. Initially it looked as if we, with the Social Media Bureau, had all the assets we needed to enjoy the success of this form of online communication."

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"You are what you share! Social media works especially for an organization that has confidence in its own employees"

Working from home the new future?

"For a lot of companies, it was initially a real organization to get everything IT-ready for work-at-home. Not so for the Social Media Bureau. Our entire company runs in the cloud and right from the start we have been working from our own home and as 'digital nomads' at different workplaces. 

Our growth has allowed us to expand our services to include video recordings and live broadcasts. So about 2 years ago we moved into a soundproof studio with fixed internet cabling. This space is also ideal for clients who want to train in team.

Flexibility is key and telecommuting will always be one of the options with us."


What effect did the lockdown have on your business?

"Since the launch of 'Someflex' in 2019, an online learning platform with an unlimited supply of training courses on all things social media, we were perfectly positioned to help business owners quickly and efficiently get started on deploying these tools in communication with their customer.

Enthusiastically, we wanted as many entrepreneurs as possible to enjoy the benefits of our services. Therefore, during the first 4 weeks of the lockdown, we offered many free webinars. And yes, with results: our number of unique followers skyrocketed!

Knowing that everyone decides faster when there is a "sense of urgency", we are now offering as a temporary corona action, a 3 month membership, . This already turned out to be a hit! Moreover, we listened carefully to the needs of our customers and supplemented our product range with short webinars on issues that are currently in demand, such as live stream and video presentations. An expansion on the latest app, TikTok, is also coming soon.

What is your entrepreneurial tip?

"It is clear that while social media used to be more of a 'fun' thing, it has now taken on an indispensable place in terms of business communication. There is a huge online shift happening in business. 

Today, the question is no longer whether or not you are a believer in the power of social media. That's why it's crucial to put an extra effort into online branding now and not to cut back on the budgets for training related to it. Don't miss the boat. Turn your employees into 'online ambassadors' of your company and enjoy the immense reach that you can - for free - tap into via each of their social networks."

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