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2 new partners have their say

From its 11 offices spread throughout Flanders, Titeca takes care of customers locally. And thanks to the in-house team of pro experts, clients also receive an answer to all their legal, tax and financial questions.

As partners, lawyers are Jurka and accountant Alex, extra closely involved in the future of the company. Together with the other 12 partners, they form the engine of Titeca.

Jurka, lawyer with spirit!

Anyone who thinks that lawyers are 'stiff-necked' people does not yet know Jurka Vanthournout. In her spare time she regularly goes for a walk, but she also doesn't sit still during working hours. On her thirtieth birthday Jurka made the switch from the legal profession to Titeca. She threw herself into her job as a legal expert and in the meantime developed into team leader and partner. 

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"I shine with pride when I see my team busy!"

Close to the heart

Jurka heads the legal department. "When I was hired, the directors at the time wondered if there would be enough work for a lawyer," he says. In the meantime, a team of about 15 lawyers helps clients with all the legal questions they face on a professional but also personal level. This goes far beyond simple matters such as rental contracts. We also handle complex cases, such as takeovers and estate planning. We often work for entrepreneurs who are already clients of Titeca for the close follow-up of their accounts. We also help clients who come to us only for legal advice. We detect potential pitfalls and look together with the client at how to avoid them. Our relationship is so strong that even problems in the private lives of my clients affect me. Their well-being is close to my heart." 

Subject Idiot with schwung

"I am a professional idiot who likes to get stuck into tough cases. The more difficult the file, the more fun I have doing it. But I also enjoy seeing my team grow. In my department there are people with strong characters who are imbued with the Titeca DNA. There's a lot of schwung in them! They are also, one by one, strong lawyers. I often shine with pride when I see my team at work."  

Close to the customer, that's where it's fun!

"One of the nice things about working for Titeca are the advancement opportunities. As a partner, I help think about things like: what is our strategy and vision, where do we want to go and how does the legal department fit into that? The client is central to everything we do. That is why we offer the widest possible range of services. To this end, we are also opening new offices to literally be closer to our clients. We second our lawyers, economists and tax specialists to the local Titeca offices. The great thing is that the various services of Titeca reinforce each other. We want to develop that teamwork even further. Knowing everything about everything' is no longer possible these days. So we train young people broadly, but also give them the opportunity to specialize."

Alex, people-oriented 'cart pusher' with West Flemish modesty 

Alex Soete knows every customer of the Titeca office in Ypres by name. A strong example of a pro accountant who, together with his team, does more than just jot down figures. For this rather modest and very involved partner of Titeca in Ypres, an annual account is not a nice booklet that his clients find in their mailbox. No, it is the ideal occasion to discuss with the client how the company is doing and where there is still room for optimization. 

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"At Titeca, you won't find the type of 'accountant-in-charge' who juggles difficult terms."

Everyone on the wagon

"I had been working as an accountant at the Ypres firm for twelve years before its acquisition by Titeca in 2015. I was appointed supervisor and the same year I became office manager. The Ypres colleagues were assigned more responsibilities within Titeca. I believe very strongly in delegating and making the best use of everyone's talent. One employee is quicker to catch up with new developments than the next. I want to keep everyone on the wagon. Titeca's current growth also means that we are hiring additional staff to prevent the workload from becoming too high." 

Not a tailor-made suit but tailor-made 

"At Titeca, you won't find the type of 'accountant-in-charge' who juggles difficult terms. Empathy with the client is very important, and I am constantly telling my employees that. The human factor prevails: we deal with our client entrepreneurs in a very friendly way. A large part of my time is spent on customer contact. I am an entrepreneur myself and have a good sense of what my customers are going through, what goals they want to achieve." 

On a desert island?

In addition to being an office manager and accountant, Alex has been a partner at Titeca since 2018. 

"I work hard and take many initiatives. That has not gone unnoticed. The appointment as a partner is a heartwarming token of recognition. The accounting office in Ypres is not an island. It is important that the ten Titeca offices propagate the same values. For example, the team leaders of the various offices meet regularly, each time at a different location. Team build-ups and other events, organized by the head office in Roeselare, also promote unity and cooperation. And then there are the sector groups. Each sector needs a different approach. We work together to see what the specific needs of each sector are in order to share knowledge, across offices and departments. Everyone gets the chance to join those groups and do his/her part."  

Is entrepreneurship in your blood too?

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