Titeca proposes Europe's Green Deal


green deal

The Green Deal and sustainability are already the buzz words of 2024. Sustainable business is a vision shared by more and more entrepreneurs.

The Green Deal is an official regulation that allows us to look in the same direction with the entire business community.

It is a capstone of many measures that will enable us to become the world's first climate-neutral continent by 2050. Achieve economic growth without depleting our resources and polluting the planet. That's the goal. What is certain? The impact of the Green Deal will be felt on many levels. In addition to the financial, the sustainable component will become increasingly important for you as an entrepreneur.

To get you started through the new regulations, general manager Lizbeth takes you through an interesting webinar.

Our pro expert Stijn and associate Corneel give you all the must knows using a clear visualization. 

Be informed, advised and inspired.

Have fun watching!

Sustainable business with Titeca

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