Two-factor authentication for Titeca portal

Two-step verification adds an additional security check when logging in.

Before you begin

Make sure you have your laptop or PC as well as personal smartphone handy and connected to the Internet.

There are two ways to enable two-factor authentication:

  • via Google Authenticator (you will receive a code in an application)
  • or via SMS (you will receive a code in an SMS message)


1) Create your own password

You have received from us a personal invitation of the Titeca Portal via email.
In this email you will find the link that starts the registration process.

Notice: the link is only valid for 5 days.

When you click on the button in the email you will see the screen below.
Here you can create a custom password for your user. Please choose a strong password!
An error message will appear if you password does not meet the requirements.

Figure 1: Create your own password


2) First time login

After successfully creating your own chosen password, you will be asked to log in for the first time.
The email address you must use to log in is the same email address we used to send you the invitation.
The password you must enter is the one you just created in step 1.

Figure 2: Logging in to Titeca after creating your password


3) Google Authenticator or SMS

If the email address and password are correct then you will be asked to scan a QR code (barcode). You can now choose to receive the one-time code via the Google Authenticator app or via SMS.


a) Google Authenticator

To receive the verification code through the verification app, you must first install the free app Google Authenticator on your smartphone:

  • Install the Google Authenicator app for Android or iOS
  • Open the Google Authenticator app
  • Click on the icon with the plus sign
  • Choose 'Scan barcode' to scan the QR code
  • Scan the QR code

In the Google Authenticator app, you will now see a code appear with your email address underneath.
In the screen below, enter the 6-digit code that the Google Authenticator app displays on your smarthone.

Please note! What you see below is an example. You cannot scan this code. Scan the code you see on your own screen.

Figure 3: Scan the QR code and enter your access code

Notice: The 6-digit code in the Google Authenticator app is always valid for one minute. After this minute, a new code will come automatically. So if you spend more than a minute before using the code, you will get a new code that you can just use.


b) SMS

To receive the verification code via SMS, click on 'Try another method' at the bottom of the screen.

Figure 4: Try another method

You will now see a list of the different methods. Choose "SMS.

Figure 5: List of other methods

Enter your GSM number in the field provided. At this number you will receive an SMS message with a code that you can enter in the next screen.

Picture 6: Enter your phone number

Enter the 6-digit code you received via text message.

Notice: If you have not received the code, you can request a new one by clicking on 'Resend'. Always enter the last code you received.

Figure 7: Enter the 6-digit code


4) Store recovery code securely

After entering the access code, you will see a recovery code on your screen. Save this somewhere safe for future reference.

You will need the recovery code if you cannot log in with your mobile device or if you change smartphones.

Please note! What you see below is an example. You do not need to save this recovery code. Save the code you see on your own screen.

Figure 8: Save the recovery code in a safe place


5) Done!

Congratulations, you are all set.


6) Trust browser

If you do not want to enter your password every time you visit your portal, you can remember the browser for 30 days.

Select the "Remember this device for 30 days" checkbox for the next 30 days if you want Titeca to remember the browser on your device. After 30 days, you will be asked for your verification code again.

Do not do this on public devices, but only on devices you trust.

Figure 9: Trust browser for the next 30 days