At Titeca, we love a PeRsOonal click!


Cooperation at Titeca: Not an us-versus-them story

We believe it is important to a team form, both with you as an employee and with our customers. 

As a starter you may already after a few months the attend customer meetings, with an experienced colleague leading the discussions. We are convinced that this is the best way to learn and to get to know your customers in a PeRsOonal way. This way you can become their strategic sparring partner, involved co-entrepreneur and reliable partner in life.

Do you think it is at least as important to have good contact with your colleagues? Good, so do we! At Titeca you feel a warm feeling of collegiality. We have an open, family no-nonsense culture and we help each other achieve our goals. 

You get on your first day of work a godmother or godmother that support, guide and help you grow in your job. Come to think of it: that's where the entire team actually helps you. 

That we love a team building, party or staff outing is an understatement. #teamtiteca is a close-knit and authentic group that loves to celebrate big and small successes, encourage each other, and together buzz


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