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Discount also possible in 2022 for those who want to file trademark or design

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The European Union is also handing out vouchers or vouchers in 2022 that allow businesses to save up to 75% of the cost of filing a brand name Recover. Similar discounts apply to deposits of drawings and models.


How much discount can you enjoy?

Type of brand or model

Normal cost

Discount IE voucher

Maximum discount

BENELUX Minimum 244 EUR 75% 1,500 EUR
EU Minimum 850 EUR 75% 1,500 EUR
Outside the EU 50% 1,500 EUR


How to apply.

You may apply for the 'IP voucher' as a company yourself, but an IP professional can also do this on behalf of the company.

You can only apply for one voucher, but it may contain several Benelux or European trademarks and/or designs.

Importantly, the voucher must be applied for before you submit the effective protection application.

The "IP voucher" action is valid until December 16, 2022 and as long as the European budget is available.

The guide "Call for Proposals No. GR/001/22 -Ideas Powered for Business SME FUND - Intellectual Property Vouchers", can be here download.


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