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Corona restrictions and obligations in the Hospitality and Event Industry

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In the catering establishments, the maximum number of persons per table reduced to 10, children under 12 included. Moreover, these 10 people must always be part of the same fixed bubble. Even when the fixed bubble that consists of the family, the 5 extra people they are allowed to see, and the children under 12, contains more than 10 people, only a maximum of 10 of them can sit at the table together. There is therefore no longer any question of an "additional" bubble of 10 people.

In addition both kitchen and room staff wear mouth masks at all times, even if a distance of 1.5m with other staff or customers can be respected. Customers should only remove their mouth masks when sitting at the table.

At receptions, banquets, and all other meetings of a private nature (think for example of weddings, baby showers, ...) may only 10 people present are, who moreover must all be part of the same fixed bubble. At receptions and Other events that are for the general public be organized and within continue may 100 people present be. On the other hand, do these meetings go for the general public outside through, then there may be 200 people are present.

Finally, in addition to the restaurant owners, the owners of party and reception halls request the contact details of their visitors, and such data for a period of 14 days tracking. Restaurant owners will only be required to keep records of customers seated at the table. Customers who are merely take-awaymeal come to pick up should therefore not leave their details.

To accompany the reopening of the catering industry, the FPS Economy has compiled a guide with tips and communication supports to help restaurant and café owners resume their activities in safe conditions:


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