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Corona refreshments: receptions, shopping and travel.

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The National Security Council recently announced a number of relaxations that apply to events, foreign travel and shopping. Our Titeca experts list them here for you.


Organized receptions

At receptions catered by a professional caterer there is no longer a limit on the number of guests present. The same rules apply to these receptions as to the catering industry, with the understanding that people are allowed to walk around freely at these receptions. Dancing, however, remains out of the question.

At private meetings, the maximum number of guests is limited to 10 people. However, 50 people are allowed to attend activities organized by associations. This relaxation also applies to private receptions following a funeral: 50 guests are also allowed there.

At weddings, communions and receptions that are organized privately, only 10 people are allowed to attend. If, on the other hand, you hire a professional caterer, you may, in principle, invite an unlimited number of guests.


Shopping in group in stores or markets

Shopping can be done back in group. So the obligation to store alone or in the company of one other regular contact falls away. However, store owners still have to ensure that they only have one customer per 10m2 admissions.

Also the markets and fairs may now be visited in groups. In addition, 400 people are allowed to attend today, up from 200 last month.


Foreign Travel

Travel to red zones is no longer prohibited, but strictly discouraged. Upon return, one must be quarantined for 7 days on today. In addition, on the 5e day a corona test shall be administered. However, these obligations do not apply to those individuals who have taken a self-assessment test, and have judged for themselves that there is no risk of infection.


And the bubbles...?

The bubbles fall away completely. At private meetings today, only 10 people are still allowed to attend at a time, but if it turns out that they are "close and lasting contacts," even the social-distancing obligation completely gone.

The relaxations regarding shopping and group and organized receptions go into effect on October 1. The travel relaxations are already in effect on today.


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