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How job profiles can unburden you as a business owner and employer

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There are many reasons to develop well thought-out job profiles. Without job profiles, you run the risk of a mismatch when recruiting employees, employees often do not know their responsibilities sufficiently well, you lose time by frequently intervening in case of ambiguities and disagreements, evaluation interviews are difficult, employees are frustrated about their pay perspectives, etc.

A clear and sharply defined job profile is the work tool of choice To shape your HR policy qualitatively and objectively.

We share here in advance the six main drivers To get started.


1 You find employees more easily

A job description is a recruiting description of job content and its associated talents and qualities. Although a vacancy text is preferably less extensive and has a more dynamic and enthusiastic style than a job profile, the job profile can still be a strong tool for generating accurate and targeted information. This way you immediately attract the attention of the right candidates. Job profiles show what knowledge and skills you already have, but also provide insight into what profiles are still missing from your team. It gives you a clear picture of who you still need to attract.


2 Your selection process goes a lot smoother

Successfully selecting a new employee begins with a carefully crafted job profile. A clearly defined job profile gives a selection interview a uniform shape that increases objectivity. Thanks to a job profile, you know in advance what you are looking for. It helps you ask targeted questions to find out whether a candidate meets expectations.


3 You give new employees clarity

Clearly defined job profiles ensure better integration of new employees within the company: they quickly know what is expected of them and where they can grow.


4 You bring order and structure to your business

The job profile is the basis for internal communication. By working out a job profile, you think about which tasks should belong to which position. You look for the most logical and efficient distribution of tasks and responsibilities. Clearly communicating the established job profiles prevents duplication of tasks or tasks for which no one is responsible. Colleagues also know who they can turn to with their questions and/or problems. You achieve enormous efficiency gains.


5 You experience greater comfort in conducting evaluation interviews

Job profiles provide guidance when conducting evaluation interviews. An assessment method linked to well thought-out job profiles ensures uniformity and a high degree of objectivity. By clearly and objectively defining responsibilities and skills, employees know what they will be assessed on. Training needs are thus identified and employees are given the opportunity to further develop themselves in a goal-oriented manner. In addition, managers feel more comfortable with a structured and objective guide in their hands.


6 Setting up a coherent wage policy gets a lot easier

By sharing job profiles within your company, you offer career prospects. When job profiles are linked to a pay structure, it is clear to your staff how far they can advance in pay. A nice career path, consisting of salary structure and personal development opportunities, motivates your employees to start working for your company and also to stay working there.


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