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How does Titeca Pro Accountants & Experts limit its emissions?

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Titeca Pro Accountants & Experts is betting big on sustainability, spearheading the electrification of its fleet. We talk to Barbara Sergeant and Lien Vandecaveye, two of our own fleet colleagues. "Sustainability has been a core value of Titeca since day one," Barbara states. "Reducing our emissions is a direct result of that."


How did the transition go?

The electric fleet initiative originated in the summer of 2022, at the time of changing car taxation in Belgium. "We followed developments closely and by early 2023 we were able to present our concrete plans," says Lien.

The transition to electric vehicles was quickly embraced by Titeca's board and management, although employees were initially a bit hesitant. Barbara continues, "There was certainly some concern among staff. But thanks to our clear corporate vision, detailed plans and the early adaptors among us, now everyone is behind the sustainable policy."


What steps did we go through?

The road to electrification involved several steps: from informing those in charge about the new car taxation to determining the "Total Cost of Ownership" (TCO) for each job profile. "Not only did we carefully select models of cars, but we also set up an entire charging infrastructure, including charging passes and budgets, and of course a custom car policy," Lien explains.


What will the future bring?

"The future looks promising, we are definitely not sitting still," Barbara says optimistically. Titeca is actively seeking flexible charging solutions and working on smart parking policies. "By the summer of 2029, all commercial vehicles will be fully electric," she adds.

Lien also reveals that the company plans to roll out a bicycle leasing program soon, as part of their push for more sustainable mobility options. "We want to promote inspiring entrepreneurship while contributing to a more sustainable society," she concludes.


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