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Introduction of reliance benefit and extension of existing measures

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In recent days, the Federal and Flemish Governments decided to extend the already existing support measures and to introduce some new measures, including the reliance payment.


1. Support measures for the self-employed.

1.1. Extension of bridging rights

The corona bridging right is maintained in July and August, for the self-employed who have to interrupt their activities for at least 7 consecutive days.


1.2. Extension of corona parental leave.

Corona parental leave also bridges the summer: for the months of July and August, self-employed workers who temporarily reduce their activities to care for his/her young children can claim financial benefits under certain conditions.

In order to claim, the children must not have already reached the age of 12, and the self-employed person must not already be receiving the bridging allowance for that month.

Cohabiting self-employed persons are entitled to a benefit of €532.24 per month, and single persons to a benefit of €875.00.


1.3. Introduction of the reliance benefit

Self-employed persons who have restarted their business after a mandatory closure for more than one calendar month, and still face restrictions resulting in loss of sales or orders during the reopening of the business, may be entitled to a benefit in the same amount as the corona bridging right.

In addition, to claim this reliance benefit, the self-employed person must be able to demonstrate a decrease in sales or orders of at least 10%, and this for the quarter preceding the month of application.

The reliance benefit can be applied for the months of June, July and August.


2. Support measures for employers and employees.

2.1. Extension of temporary unemployment

Companies that continue to be inconvenienced during the summer months can take advantage of the relaxed regime of temporary unemployment for the months of July and August.

Certain hard-hit industries, including the hospitality and events sector, could use this scheme until the end of December this year.


2.2. Extension of corona parental leave.

Employees can also take advantage of corona parental leave until the end of August. That leave allows parents with a child under the age of 12 to reduce their performance to 1/2 or by 1/5e.

In return, one receives a benefit that, depending on one's age, family situation and break, is between 180.57 and 875.00 euros per month.


2.3. Burden reduction for employers

Companies that had to rely on temporary unemployment for at least one uninterrupted month between mid-March and the end of May can expect a temporary and partial exemption from paying the withholding tax for the months of June, July, and August.


2.4. Introduction of the consumption voucher.

Employers will be able to grant their staff a consumption voucher worth EUR 300 for the purchase of goods and services in the hospitality and culture sectors, among others. Neither social security contributions nor withholding tax would be payable on this voucher.


As soon as we have more information and further clarifications, we will inform you further about these and additional support measures.

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