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Lodging Grants 2020

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By means of subsidies Tourism Flanders wants to stimulate operators to invest in the further development of quality tourist accommodation in Flanders. The subsidy is granted for certain investments in infrastructure. An application for this can still be submitted until 31 March 2020.


Who is eligible?

A grant can be applied for:

  • A tourist accommodation recognized according to the Logging Decree of February 5, 2016;
  • a tourist accommodation that was licensed on April 1, 2017, according to the Logging Decree of July 10, 2008;
  • a tourist accommodation that was recognized under the Tourism for All Decree of July 18, 2003 as a hostel or vacation center on April 1, 2017.

The application can only be submitted by the owner of the tourist accommodation or the operator of the tourist accommodation.



For which projects?

1° investment in infrastructure that contributes to the child and family-friendly nature of tourist accommodation

This can include, for example, adapted infrastructure for small children, adaptations that contribute to the comfort of the stay, adaptations that contribute to safety, etc.


2° investments in an accessible basic chain leading to an A- or A+ label for tourist accommodation.

The accessible basic chain means that not only the individual rooms are accessible to people with physical barriers, but also the building as a whole, including the connections between the rooms. The accessible basic chain is defined by the parking facilities, the entrance, the breakfast area, the rental unit, the individual and communal sanitary facilities and the accessible walking routes between those parts.


3° care-specific investments that lead to "inclusive" stays

Tourism Flanders provides subsidies for specific care investments, for example for the purchase of specific aids such as a high-low bed or bath, a (shower) wheelchair or a hoist. The condition for claiming subsidies for care investments is that the accommodation has achieved an A or A+ label for accessibility.


4° the following investments in the construction or establishment of RV sites:

  • The construction of water taps with potable water;
  • The construction of discharge points for chemical toilets;
  • The construction and furnishing of a dedicated disposal area with a system for the discharge of wastewater from motor homes, including the paving of such area;
  • The paving of RV sites;
  • Electricity connections for RV sites.


5° investments in the renovation and additional sanitary facilities for hostels


The cost of eligible purchases and works in the investment project must not be less than 5,000 euros, excluding VAT.


Which projects are not eligible?

  • The conversion of private parts of a tourist accommodation that are not accessible to the staying tourists;
  • Investment in restaurants, cafes and other similar food and beverage outlets that are accessible to a wider audience than the lodging tourists;
  • Purchases and works for which a subsidy, premium or contribution is also applied for from or has been granted by a government body other than Tourism Flanders, with the exception of tax relief in accordance with the Income Tax Code 1992;
  • Purchases made and works carried out before the date of application. Tourism Flanders may conduct an on-site inspection for this purpose;
  • Recoverable VAT.


Extent of support?

The maximum financial support is 25% of eligible expenses. The investment subsidy can never exceed €50,000 per file.

This aid measure is also covered by the European de minimis rule. De minimis aid is government aid that the European Union does not consider to be market-distorting because it involves only limited amounts of aid.  A company may over a period of three tax years receive up to 200,000 euros in de minimis aid. 


How to apply. 

  • An application for 2020 can still be submitted through March 31, 2020.
  • The application process is now online only. Submitting an application by mail or email is no longer possible.
  • The applicant will be notified of the decision electronically by Tourism Flanders three months after the expiry of the period in which the application had to be submitted. The decision shall state the maximum investment subsidy to be awarded and the purchases and works that are not eligible for subsidy. The maximum investment subsidy to be awarded is calculated on the basis of the submitted cost estimate and the tenders of the purchases and works eligible for subsidy. If it is determined during the call that the total of the maximum investment grants to be awarded exceeds the amount of the committed grant envelope, the maximum investment grant to be awarded will be prorated.


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