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New CEO and managing partner for Titeca pro accountants & experts

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The start of 2024 read at Titeca pro accountants & experts also heralded the entry of a new CEO and managing partner. Jurka Vanthournout has headed the accountants & experts group as CEO since Jan. 1. She succeeds former CEO Fabian Missinne after seven years. Alongside Jurka is new managing partner Bram Cornelis. 'Only when you keep innovating as an organization is growth and evolution possible. This is how we remain strong and immortal.'


The logical step

This is big news. But within Titeca it is just a logical, further step. 'Being the confidant of our entrepreneurs from a great personal commitment. That's where Titeca stands pro accountants & experts since day one,' explains founder and partner Emmanuel Titeca. 'To maintain that, we have to keep questioning our operation, reinventing ourselves again and again, and keep starting from our collective entrepreneurship. Titeca's entire organizational design is focused on this, including our partnership. Every partner is equal. There is no room for internal competition and personal gain. At Titeca, it is never about "I," always about "we." In addition, we are now working with temporary, elective mandates for each director role within Titeca. This gives the outgoing partners the chance to recharge their batteries, we make room for new challenges and a new wind is always blowing through Titeca. A win-win for everyone. Only in this way can we remain relevant in an ever-changing world.'


Personal growth

'This principle also applies to me and outgoing CEO Fabian Missinne,' indicated Emmanuel Titeca. 'I am passing on my role as managing partner to Bram Cornelis, who joined us in 2011 as office manager for the Merelbeke office and who has since made an important contribution within the expansion of our office network. This gives me more room to do what I do best: be the confidant of our entrepreneurs. As chairman of the board of directors, by the way, I will continue to guard our unique DNA.'

'In my new role, I will become the confidant of our associates,' explains brand-new managing partner Bram Cornelis. 'I am very grateful to Emmanuel and the other associates for this opportunity to get the most out of our unique and diverse group, which is growing all the time. The focus is on the cohesion between and personal growth of our associates. That, too, is our DNA. Growing together.'



Partner Fabian Missinne, who has now been part of Titeca for 20 years, started his CEO position in 2016 with 110 employees and 8 partners. Since then, Titeca has experienced tremendous growth and professionalization. 'I have been able to achieve great things as CEO,' Fabian Missinne says. 'I am proud of the company that Titeca is now. Now I would like to share my experience and expertise with our clients and put my shoulders to the wheel to expand our office network. It was always clear that my CEO position would be temporary, because an organization needs variety to keep growing. Endurance ensures that people really do their thing with the time they are given. Titeca is in particularly good hands with Jurka. She once took over my position in the expertise department when I became CEO. Now she is taking over the CEO position from me. A new, logical step in Titeca's life loop.'


The fiery phoenix

'I am very fortunate not to have to start from scratch,' notes new CEO Jurka Vanthournout. 'Thanks to the vision of Emmanuel, who has shaped our entire organization, and the growth and professionalization led by Fabian, I am starting my CEO position with a company that has solid foundations for the future. We now have as many as 350 employees and 18 associates. This is my opportunity to propagate Emmanuel's vision and the unique Titeca DNA, with my own color and accents. The goal is clear: to be and remain the main confidant of our customers and our employees. I would like to take this further and be an example in the entrepreneurial world with Titeca, make an impact for our entrepreneurs and our employees. To be a fiery phoenix in the accounting and consulting world, strong and immortal, constantly reinventing itself and doing things just a little differently. Rise from the ashes? We don't take that literally, of course. The phoenix is a metaphor from "The Phoenix and the Unicorn," the inspiring book by corporate innovation expert Peter Hinssen. A fitting allusion. Because just like that mythical creature, we as an organization are able to renew ourselves cycle after cycle, mandate after mandate, and be even stronger for the future. So that we can continue to live up to our vision: to help build a sustainable society through inspiring entrepreneurship in a sustainable way. proactive, productive, professional, but above all personal, way. Fortunately, I have 350 wonderful employees and many more enterprising customers behind me to make this challenge a reality.